Thea: The Awakening Turns One!

Greetings and salutations fellow 4X and strategy fans. Thea the Awakening, our 2015 game of the year, turned one last week.

That’s one BIG one-year old.

Thea, a mostly self-published title failed two Kickstarter campaigns, but sold over 100k copies anyway. Why mention such a negative stat? Easy, the community was just not ready. Of late, Kickstarter has been failing the indie developer scene. Yet MuHa Games was able to break out anyway.

With that, I’d like to reveal two interesting details:

  • Thea the Awakening is coming to Xbox ONE
  • MuHa will start development on their next project in January 2017
So clean and tidy!

Thea coming to Xbox is no surprise – they have spoken of it before. That they are working on their next game (as well as helping make a possible table top version of Thea), though, is big news. Here are some words from the studio:

We’re currently working on some tools, including the Honey Hex Framework 2, an event editor and various assets. We will bring you some [more] news regarding the new game in the new year.

And then they said,

There is a possibility of a tabletop RPG game based on the world of Thea, so keep your eyes out for that one if you fancy some old fashioned adventuring pen and paper style.

The Heralds of Thea are conquering new, other-worldly frontiers with… Forks?

Now that’s how you spread brand awareness and grow your player base! As always, we wish them nothing but success.  And, of course, a very happy birthday.

5 thoughts on “Thea: The Awakening Turns One!

  1. I played a game as Veles through to completion of the giants quest in honor of the anniversary. I drew monster fur in my village borders and steel right outside, so I burned through the midgame mass producing light and medium monster fur armor and steel swords and shields. A random unlock on monster bone revealed magic bone a short walk from my village, and by this point I had a ton of wicker baskets and a few spare gatherers, and I made it to four warriors with two handed magic bone swords, magic bone shields, and magic bone medium armor. Their will scores sucked but if someone tanked for them they destroyed hex challenges. That carried me through the late mid game, especially when random diamond gear and ruby and ancient wood charms and artifacts boosted my medic to 18. Sheer numbers got me out of the giants quest line. I finished the final giants fight with like a dozen and a half zeroed villagers, so I accepted the end game screen rather than watch them die.

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  2. “…but sold over 100k copies anyways.”



    Come on, I know this is a web article, but that sentence reads like a high school writing. Anyway is an adverb, how can it be pluralized? You could have used “anyway” or better yet, “in any case.” I like this website and thought the articles were pretty good, but disappointed reading something like this.



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