Dawn Of Andromeda Released To Steam Early Access


Hey, remember when we said that Dawn of Andromeda would be released for Steam Early Access on December 1? Well guess what? It’s December 1. And you know what? Dawn of Andromeda is now available for $24.99 on Steam!

It’s like we’re psychic or something.

No wonder I can’t find any good territory… Neighbors!

Dawn of Andromeda features real-time, pausable space domination action courtesy of Greywolf Entertainment and published by Iceberg Interactive.The team is hoping to improve their game while it marinates in EA, gaining tasty new features such as Eras, unique scenarios and background stories. They also promise to tune and improve the game based on community feedback, including a focus on configuration options, combat diplomacy, and racial improvements.

Space Rhino-Cyclops… Or something like that.

Mike Domingues, lead developer at Greywolf Entertainment says:

We are delighted to finally have arrived at a point where we feel we are ready to show Dawn of Andromeda to the world. The journey isn’t over yet, and we are eagerly waiting for feedback from a wider audience to make sure we release the best game possible.”

To celebrate the EA launch, DoA will be 10% off its usual $24.99 price  for the first week. You can also check out the new trailer here.

I have a solution for pesky neighbors…

Now that we’ve proven our ability to predict the future, there’s no telling what eXplorminate will accomplish. Will we forecast tomorrow’s weather? Take over the world? Perhaps post reviews of 4X games and other exciting gaming news? Maybe have some great giveaways? The only way to know is to check back early and often (which we know you’ll do because, y’know, psychic)!

8 thoughts on “Dawn Of Andromeda Released To Steam Early Access

    1. I have to give this game a THUMBS DOWN bait and switch disappointment. I thought it a game, not some half baked unfinished beta with weird glitches, poor poor AI, lousy to no keyboard control, weird GUI and random bugs- such as fleets decimating because they moved to intercept outside system defenses and it all happens in seconds while you are away examining another sector. Also at some point it stopped research telling me i needed a colony to research!!! and I had several. Save bug- overall terrible waste



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