Breaking News: Antarans Get Revenge

Last week, we announced the Antaran invasion as part of the new Revenge of the Antares DLC for Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars. We also discovered some ancient ruins left by the Orions.

Time to build a tourist trap

Unfortunately for us, before we could send an exploration team, the Antaran Diplomat had some unkind words for us – 

We laughed, and quickly beat them back, twice. So, they got a little more serious and sent us a proper raiding party.

A large raiding crew crashes our party…

We weren’t laughing any more. Their battleship, cruiser, and associated escorts made quick work of our planetary and home system defense forces. Shortly after our fleet was destroyed, the Antarans began to wreck our house, poison the wells, use the bathrooms and refuse to flush… Basically, they virus bombed our home and broke our imperial backs.

But to make things worse…

“Who’s laughing now???”

Yup, no one was laughing anymore as the fleet parked in orbit methodically bombed us back to the stone age. Unfortunately for us, GNN got word of this, and had some fun at our expense.

“Ha Ha…”

I’m cancelling our subscription! But thankfully, our ambassador has done its job and our new “friends” are coming to the rescue.

“We’ll do you this one favor…”

The Elerians finally show.

Enemy of my enemy and all that…

The Trilarians can be reasoned with.


The Gnolam are here as well.

With all of this new content, we are looking forward to this upcoming DLC to arrive on December 1st for $9.99 (US) so we can seek our revenge.

8 thoughts on “Breaking News: Antarans Get Revenge

  1. I have to say that I find Antarans’ new design disappointing .-. I mean, I guess its similar to MoO 3 version, but that one was also disappointing.

    I mean, original Antaran design was this really creepy eldritch thing, it didn’t even look humanoid, so why they made new ones (ever since from MoO 3) humanoid considering this is strategy game and you don’t need to model bipedal for gameplay reasons…


    1. TO me, they look like a cross between the original Antarans with all of the extra limbs and the Neo-Sectoids from XCOM 2. I like it. But that’s just me. Trust me, in-game, they are plenty nasty.


  2. Just saw on steam that it’s not a bundle and you have to buy every race for $10 each! that’s just awful, same price like the base game! Do they really think to get any reasonable sales numbers with their way!

    Also saw that there is as well an bundle on the main game page for $10 too. So why not just make a bundle in general? Now i rather feel pity how they do stuff.

    and more revelations are coming my way. no matter what race you choose on the popular new releases tap, you get all three races. ok so price is rather ok. still feels like a pretty dumb decision, just to clutter the releases page with 3 enteries only to split sales and reviews numbers.

    sorry for spamming. :/


  3. The DLC seems to be more sensible on GOG. One $10 purchase, all three races.

    I have played a midsized galaxy to mid-game on Hard, and the Antarans are no joke. I beat them the first time they raided me just by a hair; they just happened to attack a heavily fortified planet. The next couple attacks I was not so lucky and got rather humiliated, and had a couple major colonies thrashed for my trouble. I’m really starting to hate these guys, but just as in Moo2 I feel that if I just do a little better on the fleet design I might be able to beat the raiding parties.

    The gravity and pollution changes are sensible and very welcome. Spying is no longer a total chore; individual spy actions are more impactful but so are maintenance costs, so you don’t end up running a bazillion spies (maybe on bigger galaxies towards the endgame, but their maintenance cost also goes up as they level).

    Leaders are a welcome addition and further your ability to specialize planets/systems/fleets.. but they also cost money. I’m feeling pretty strapped for cash most of the time, and I’m forced to play nice with at least a couple opponenents – without trade agreements I’d be in the red most of the time.

    I can’t say for the sure but the AI seems more canny as well.

    The addition of combat stances on a per-design level is also very welcome, although there’s no tooltip saying exactly what each stance does and I can’t currently tell the difference between Brawler and Skirmisher. New feature, still a bit rough.

    Overall the game is significantly better than it was pre-Antaran patch. I’m going to be playing a lot more of this.

    Uhh.. didn’t mean to write a mini-review of the DLC/patch but it’s not the worst place for it.. right? :)

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