Master of Orion: They’re Coming Announcement

They’re baaaaaaaack

Oh hi there!, I’m “new” to the neighborhood. Do you have any sugar?

On December 1, three new races will join Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars! That is, three races who originally appeared in Master of Orion 2 but didn’t make the cut for the game we lovingly refer to as nuMoO. So they’re new/old races? Old/New? Refurbished? We’re getting dizzy just thinking about it.

But that’s not all! There will also be new, FREE content that will add in minor races (which made a brief appearance during the Early Access period but were removed prior to release), enhance some existing mechanics (espionage, pollution, etc), and even brings back the eeeeevil Antarans. Yes!

Knock knock…

There may also be some sort of sleeved blanket thrown in. We’re still in the process of confirming that one.

Here for the party!

So what are we getting with the new content? Let’s go into bullet time!

  • Paid DLC ($9.99) will add the Elerian, Gnolam, and Triliarian races which include new art and voice work
    • The Elerians are xenophobes, unwilling to share in your filthy, alien culture
    • The Gnolams are skilled traders imbued with a heavy dose of luck
    • The Trilarians are a peace-loving aquatic race, willing to go to war only when absolutely necessary
  • A free expansion will reinstate the updated minor factions from the EA version of the game
  • Leaders are making a comeback
  • A revamp of the espionage mechanic
  • Return of the Antarans – last seen in MoO 2
  • More news items (in the game, not more of these posts!)
  • A new win condition
  • More in-game options
Not in my backyard!

We were… Cautiously optimistic about CtS when we reviewed the game at release. The addition of all this content and enhanced mechanics should only improve our outlook. Of course, there’ll be plenty more info to come so be sure to check back here!

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