Dawn of Andromeda Joins Steam Early Access

Straight outta Haarlem, Publisher Iceberg Interactive announced today that their 4X/RTS hybrid Dawn of Andromeda will be coming to Steam Early Access on December 1, 2016 for $24.99.

So plenty of time to digest your turkey before setting off to conquer the stars.


I have no idea what’s happening here. But it looks cool

We’ve covered DoA a good bit, from development, to closed beta, till now. We know what you’re thinking – all of these site impressions are well and good. But what do the PR people have to say? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. DoA features:

  • New factions and characters that can join the fray mid-game; artifacts, ruins, anomalies and a huge variety of fascinating elements are scattered throughout the galaxy and can yield new research opportunities. Various characters such as outlaws, merchants and others that roam the galaxy
  • Asymmetric gameplay. Not all races discover space travel at the same time, some may have yet to discover it, some may have already built a mighty empire, and some races may be naturally stronger than others. However, if you’d prefer a traditional 4X experience and start an entirely symmetric game, it’s up to you
  • Pre-designed, customizable and randomly generated races, each with their unique backgrounds and traits                                                                                                                 
  • Accessible gameplay, featuring a highly-intuitive User Interface
  • Eras; unique scenarios, each with a pre-designed galaxy and background stories which you can play as one of the existing factions, each with their own victory conditions, traits, challenges and ongoing conflicts and relationships
  • The ability to choose between researching pre-fabricated or randomly generated ship designs, or alternatively research and discover ship parts, allowing you to create your own unique shop designs from them
  • An in-depth diplomacy system. Create or join coalitions, make allies and enemies, but beware, each action you take can change how the rest of the galaxy will view you. Destroying an entire planet, or just praising or denouncing another race, can have a deep impact on the balance of the entire galaxy
  • The option to reduce micro-management by appointing governors to your colonies and council members to your empire, all of whom can be leveled up. Each come with their own unique traits, happiness and experiences
  • Multiple, customizable victory conditions, which can be set to vary for each faction, making for unpredictable friends and foes

He’s looking mighty pleased with himself, isn’t he?

Of course, we have much more coverage of Dawn of Andromeda to come, so when you aren’t living out your space emperor fantasies, keep it here for more!

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  1. I suggest as an alternative to “early access” you substitute “unfinished game” as the wording – and in the case of Iceberg Interactive ” probably will never be finished.” Let the buyer beware.

    I’m Spartacus


  2. Nate – that’s because you didn’t buy any of the games with “Star” as the first word – agreed the ones with “endless” appear to be quite a different story.

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  3. The banality of their previous game is almost legendary. I was in alpha/beta and still boggles my mind how they could release that game at all.


  4. This looks alot like Stellaris. I hope it doesn’t suffer from the same design issues…

    randomly generated races = no different/unique racials or mechanics

    RTS + “reduced” micromanagement = unsatisfying planetary management

    doesn’t look like there’s spying or tactical combat either



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