Weekly eXchange #104 – Without A Doubt.

Join Nate and Troy as they bring you all the important information on all of your favorite 4X and strategy games! This week they talk about Master Of Orion: CtS, Galactic Civilizations III, Pocket Space Empires, Iron Tides and much much more. As well as continued coverage for your other favorite 4X and strategy games!

Music for eXplorminate by Mangadrive


Show Notes: 

11 thoughts on “Weekly eXchange #104 – Without A Doubt.

  1. I’d like to comment on the Civ 6 critic reviews vs user reviews. You’ve got to realize that Civ fans are some of the whiniest fans around. They *always* complain about the AI no matter how good (or bad) it is, they *always* complain about the UI, and they will automatically bash anything that isn’t identical to Civ 4.

    This is not saying there’s nothing wrong with Civ 6, or that there isn’t merit to any of the complaints. But it’s clear to me that the series is being held to unreasonable standards, and that some fans form their opinion first, and then find reasons to justify that opinion later. This happens everywhere, but it happens with Civ a LOT.

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  2. Re: sports, you guys are so American. In Europe the time for sports tends to be the summer months, with the big Tennis tournaments going on, a big football tournament every other year and the summer Olympics every four years. I only care about the Tour de France though.

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  3. Good listen as always, guys!

    Re: no prerelease copies for the press: I almost never buy games at release, because I’m too old and jaded to believe that a major studio game will be even half-polished in the age of day zero patches. So I’m already where I think most people will head if the pre-launch reviews disappear entirely. All Bethesda will manage with this trick is, in the long run, to flatten their sales curve as more and more people wait for reviews they trust before they buy the game.

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  4. About the new Bethesda review policy. In spite of what they say they did give a select few Youtubers advance copies of the Special Edition. I saw full playthroughs and graphical comparisons with Vanilla days ahead of release. So it is not correct as some claim that customers are expected to buy the game blind or wait for written reviews.

    The difference from the customer point of view is where you get your advance information about a game and in what form. Personally I think I prefer to see the game played ahead of release by a youtuber who has experience with Elder Scrolls games and likes them.

    From the media review outlet point of view this is a significant shift in the market space; especially if it becomes generally adopted by the industry. Media outlets will have to adjust their role in regards to new releases and adapt if they are to stay relevant. I think written reviews will still be relevant and worth doing since not everyone buys on the first day or even first week or month. People will be buying Skyrim for years to come. Media outlets can also provide other kinds of analysis pieces on popular games that are entertaining and informative and useful to players to attract traffic.

    The media are portraying this as an attack on customers. I dont think it is.
    I do not feel attacked. I saw the game and player-made comparisons of Vanilla and Special edition graphics days ahead of release. Bethesda gave this customer excellent service in that respect.

    It is the media who feel slighted and attacked and their revenue possibly undermined. And I can completely understand that. My advice to media people is to focus on adapting to a possible significant shift in the marketplace for their product and generate creative adjustments in their content to stay relevant and in the game. We dont know yet but this may be the beginning of a significant shift in games journalism.

    I dont think Total Biscuit or Angry Joe got Keys for Special Edition; neither did Gopher

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      1. Thanks Troy. I think you guys do a really great job and I do hope this wont impact your work and site negatively. I do and I will continue to read your reviews when they arrive. One of the reason I value the reviews here is precisely because they are not rushed out for a release deadline. All the best

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  5. So basically Stardock has, after two years, just given up and admitted GC3 isn’t a very good game and they are re-doing it from scratch? I really want to hear more about this ‘major re-do’ of GC3.


    1. Originally, it was supposed to be a stand-alone expansion, but after fans of Ashes of the Singularity went ballistic over Stardock’s plan to do an expand-alone for that game, Brad decided to change Crusade to a regular expansion for GalCiv3. We’re still not real clear on what changes will be made. We are trying to get more information all the time and will certainly update the community as soon as we find anything out.


  6. Troy – on Endless Space 2 try the Sophons or the Lumeris. The Cravers are pretty imbalanced (too weak) at the moment. The vodyanai are super strong at the moment, but also highly contingent on the Galaxy gen.



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