Offworld Trading Company Giveaway


Here we are again folks! Mohawk Games’ economic strategy-sim Offworld Trading Company – a recent favorite of the eXplorminate staff – has a new DLC out called The Patron and the Patriot. To celebrate its release, we’d like to give some our of favorite people a 3 copies of the game and this new DLC. Who are these people you ask? Why you are, of course!

How do enter yourself in the running? Easy! Just follow these three simple steps starting today:

  1. Be a member of our the eXplorminate Steam community
  2. Follow us on YouTube, Twitter, and/or Facebook
  3. Leave a comment on this post with your Steam handle and let us know you want a copy

Yup, it’s that simple. Winners will be announced on November 8th around 8pm EST. You’ll have 48 hours to collect your prize.

To claim your prize once the winners have been selected, click on ME and follow the directions.

Thank you and good luck to all those who participate!

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