Space Sector Announces Project Space Sector!


Space and Sci-Fi strategy gaming site Space Sector has announced today they are shifting their focus to begin working on their own game, the creatively-named Project Space Sector! And it will be a spiritual successor to Master of Orion 2! Been awhile since you’ve seen one of those, right?

All snark aside, the folks at Space Sector say the game will be:

…a spiritual successor to Master of Orion 2, the turn-based space 4X strategy game from the 90’s that we love so much. A faithful successor, that is true in spirit to the series, but one that manages to offer something new…”

The game is currently in a pre-Alpha state, and they’re hoping the community will come together to help them make the game the best that it can be. They also say we’ll start to see some dev diaries in the next few weeks. Naturally, eXplorminate will cover all developments.  

Unfortunately, this new direction for Space Sector means that the site will be ceasing their coverage of games and gaming in order to focus on the new project. But never fear, for we at eXplorminate intend to do our utmost to pick up the slack. With that in mind, keep your eyes here for more coverage of Project Space Sector from eXplorminate. Not to mention our own upcoming announcement: eXplorminate: the First Person Shooter!

(Kidding, kidding, really just kidding…)

14 thoughts on “Space Sector Announces Project Space Sector!

  1. Neat. Truth be told, there isn’t much slack to pick up — spacesector kind of fell off my radar around six months ago because the articles were getting very .. sparse.

    eXplorminate: the FPS? Hmm… so you’re going to do a Kickstarter to lease some assets from Arcen and give us the FPS we always wanted: “In Case of Emergency, Release Nate”? I’d back that.

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  2. Title may be overused but I think that may partially be because none of those who claim to be the successor ever actually deliver. If you say you are going to deliver the next great successor to a game it should just maybe share the attributes of said game.

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  3. We have enough almost-but-not-quite MoO2 clones floating around. I’d love for someone to just, for once, recreate MoO2 to a 95% copy (mechanically, obviously the lore and what not needs to change). The remaining 5% can be reserved for quality of life tweaks and enhancements – but the core gameplay should be as identical as it can be.

    Once we get said game – then we can all move on to other things.

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  4. Well we started that way with Lord of Rigel and quite a few things didn’t turn out to work well when scaled up. So the big changes have been things with the end game and tactical. We even released our turn based “MOO2 with new graphics” combat demo and you can see how certain things don’t translate as well as thought.

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  5. Will this one actually have turn-based combat or will it be “tactical realtime” or whatever codeword they use for “barely interactive blips moving around slowly” combat that is all the rage with the myriad other MoO 2 spiritual successors?


    1. From the Space Sector article: “For us, the fundamentals are (more or less in this order of importance): Turn-based tactical combat;”

      The list continued after that, but turn-based combat was first and foremost. I’m pretty sure they’ll keep this promise, too, because for years and years, every Space Sector review of a space 4X game with real-time combat was greeted with comments mourning the lost art of turn-based combat. (The only thing Space Sector fans despise more than real-time battles is space lanes.)

      And yes, I also am disappointed that the Explorminate FPS will not be a thing.


    2. The more games I play, the more I actually lean towards realtime. IGOUGO usually breaks down to “move first and win”, which leads to hacks like “initiative” or jockeying forever for that first shot, if the fleets are placed far enough apart.

      But in order to avoid “blobs of blips” the realtime has to either be pausable, with RTS like controls for groups, fleets, etc, or (even better IMHO) have a rich language that allows a player to set tactical preferences beforehand and then “let it rip”. If you married something like Gratuitous Space Battles or Space Empires 5’s formations/tactical orders with a good strategic level, I’d be in heaven. In the pausable-but-controllable vein, I haven’t played any game that does it better than Polaris Sector.

      So turn-based tactical combat is not necessarily a holy grail for me. Especially when you start considering things like multiplayer, which for me is very important.


      1. I do agree that turn-based combat is not a holy grail. Plenty of games do it wrong. Also my tastes are apparently odd because I adore EL’s combat but I know a lot of people think that’s the weakest point of the game.

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  6. Turn Based has too many balancing problems for my taste and is as such prone to exploitation. My memories of MOO2 are not those of great battles, but of battles I have consistently won on the first turn after I got a sufficiently large fleet with a sufficiently large initiative.

    Oh sure, don’t get me wrong, I still loved that game, have very fond memories playing it and believe that it was a true gem of its time, but I would not want to play it again, because frankly, it is quite shallow by today’s standards of the genre.

    Once you start fixing “those” issues, you will run into a host of others and suddenly its not MOO2 anymore, which is why nobody in its right mind would create an 1:1 copy of that game.


  7. I don’t think there’s a fundamental problem with turn-based combat per se, given how many good games are just 100% turn-based combat. The biggest problem I find with playable battles in 4X games is that the better you are at the strategy layer, the duller your battles will be. Follow Sun Tzu’s advice and win before you go to war, and you might as well autoresolve the lot. The solution, I suppose, would be to reward players at the strategic level for picking close fights – hefty XP systems, loot proportional to the square of the power of the enemy, that sort of thing.



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