Arcen Launches Kickstarter for AI Wars II


Arcen Games has been beset by several disappointments lately, including the agonizing decision to pull its latest game: In Case of Emergency, Release Raptor. All is not lost, however! Arcen has recently announced it is returning to one of its most beloved franchises with AI War II! The original AI War was ranked #25 in Rock Paper Shotgun’s top 50 strategy games of all time and has sold over three hundred thousand copies on Steam, according to SteamSpy.

In order to generate interest and funding for AI War II, Arcen has launched a Kickstarter. The goal for the Kickstarter is just shy of $300k. As of this writing, it has already garnered about $27,000. The Kickstarter closes on November 10th.


I, II, III, IV, I see a space WAR!

AI War II aims to improve on the original with:

  • A focus on strategy over tactics, the ability to granularly customize your campaign, massive space battles, and an AI that can surprise you.
  • Over one hundred types of ships ranging from fighters to capital ships to massive superweapons.
  • Expanding the AI’s toolbox of tricks and strategies. The AI will recapture lost ground and press the advantage when you suffer losses.
  • Letting you decide your army’s strengths and capabilities via a new Science system.
  • Expanding battlefields from individual planets to entire solar systems.
  • Replacing the original game’s ship triangle with more nuanced categories.
  • Enhancing modding tools so the community can customize the game.
  • Letting you play as humans, the incredibly powerful Spire, or the long dead but mysteriously revived Zenith.

A little Dyson sphere action for your troubles…

You can read more about AI War II and all of Arcen’s games on its official site here.

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    • I pledged, but I too am skeptical about the goal.

      I hope they make it, though. Arcen Games really think outside of the box, and while not all of their games have been winners, their ideas are always interesting. I wish there were more developers like them.



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