Strategic eXpanse #28 – Sid Meier’s Civilization 25th Anniversary Show

The Civilization franchise turns 25 this year. Join Nate, Troy, Mark, Joshua, Dallin, Ben, and special guest Jim “Arioch” Francis as they celebrate the Silver Anniversary. The group discusses the brilliance – and shortcomings – of Civilization I through VI. Then they talk about their favorite factions and where they’d like to see the franchise go in the future. It’s a podcast to… Stand the test of time!

Music for eXplorminate by Mangadrive


Show Notes:

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  1. Corrections:
    –“Stacks of Doom” were from Civ3.
    Civ4’s catapults existed as an attempt to counter the SoD, but as Jim said, you could defend against them by making your stack EVEN BIGGER.

    –Ranged Attack originated in Alpha Centauri, but unlike Civ3 was an effective anti-stack unit.

    –Excessive Unhappiness in Civ 1-3 resulted in the city getting shut down for a turn, and a risk of rebellion under certain conditions, not “you lose the city” that was stated.
    In Civ4, excess unhappiness just resulted in individual citizens going on strike (not the whole city), which is roughly equivalent to having to use Entertainer specialists in the previous games, just more streamlined.

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    • Yup, thanks for the correction on Stacks of Doom in III! Between the little time I spend on III and my brain garbling up that with Call to Power, I have a hard time keeping that era straight! :)



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