Endless Space 2 Commences Early Access Launch Countdown!


Amplitude, the studio that brought you Endless Space, Endless Legend, and Dungeon of the Endless, announced today that Endless Space 2 will launch into Early Access on October 6th. This certainly isn’t Amplitude’s first foray into Early Access, but it will be one of their first major ventures as part of the SEGA family.

Friend or foe?

As the follow-up to Amplitude’s launch title and their first sequel, the studio hopes to capitalize on the lessons they’ve learned from their previous games while adding plenty of new features. The pre-Alpha glimpses we’ve seen so far feature the slick interface, deep world-building, faction asymmetry, and exceptional art Amplitude fans have come to know and love, mixed with a variety of refined and new gameplay mechanics. Internal political factions that ebb and flow in response to the game state, a space battle planner, a new economic system, and a deep diplomacy system are just a few of the exciting changes ES2 looks to bring to the table. Of course, as a pre-release title, everything is subject to change.

“Rock’em Sock’em red vs blue!”

Despite its name, ES2 is not a direct chronological sequel to the original Endless Space. Rather, the game takes place in a different region of the galaxy than the original, but in the same continuity and at roughly the same time.

A senator worth voting for.

So far, we’ve seen official reveals for four of eight factions, with at least one major power from the original ES returning as a minor. Amplitude is also hosting a community faction creation contest, currently in its final stages, the winner of which will be given a place as a major faction like the Automatons from Endless Space 1 and the Cultists of the Eternal End of Endless Legend.

Centaurus II is looking might fine…

With Early Access almost upon us and a projected early 2017 release date, you can bet there’s going to be plenty more information in the coming weeks and months. You can keep up with development at the official Endless Space 2 website, at Amplitude’s community platform games2gether, and of course via eXplorminate’s articles, podcasts, and forums! So keep your eyes peeled, your scientists researching, and your Dust collectors oiled and ready!


3 thoughts on “Endless Space 2 Commences Early Access Launch Countdown!

    1. Going by their previous releases, the base game will probably be $35 and some kind of a special edition will be around $45.

      I’m not sure how much the EA copy will be, but the figures above are pretty safe.


  1. I liked Endless Space 1 but I’m not sure about this one..these guys just got bought up by Sega..doesnt bode well as Sega brings nothing to the table. From the tiny amount of information avialable it looks pretty derivative. I’m one of the few that enjoyed the combat in ES1 but they need to innovate there especially.



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