Sorcerer King: Rivals Arrives.


Don’t you just hate it when a developer announces the release date for a highly anticipated game and it’s months and months away?

Well, Stardock has saved you some worries – the release date for the new Rivals standalone expansion for Sorcerer King has been announced and it’s September 22. That’s like, today!

Rivals adds all kinds of new goodies to SK, including an updated UI, two new playable races (Dwarves and Undead), and 3 NEW powerful archnemesis to fight. But most importantly, it introduces a whole new way to play (and win!) the game. Instead of taking down the eponymous sorcerer king before their ascension to godliness, now players can take his place and achieve godhood all their own!

Dwarves riding giant ice-spiders? Check!

Rivals also brings new modding and quest tools to the table. Do you think that you can make the game better? Yes? Good, now you’ll get a chance – custom quests, maps, tiles, units, and heros. Even better, you can share your creations with others via the Steam Workshop. So once you’ve beaten (or usurped) the sorcerer king to your heart’s content, you can sample content created by other players – or make your own!

The new neighbors are no joke.

We’ve been covering Sorcerer King and the Rivals expansion as well. Rivals is available on the Steam Store for $29.99, and includes all the content of the base Sorcerer King. Players who already own SK can purchase Rivals for $14.99. Obviously we’ll have our review up soon, so keep checking here for more coverage.

12 thoughts on “Sorcerer King: Rivals Arrives.

    1. Thanks for the cross-post, Obiyer! Doesn’t seem to speak much to Rivals specifically, but the background is fascinating. I’d never heard about Atari asking for a Master of Magic remake/reboot. Would have been interesting to see how that’d panned out.


      1. Most feature rich? I wonder what he means by that. Fallen Enchantress 2.0 seems to be way more feature rich than SK: Rivals.

        As for Brad supporting Unity, I think that’s awesome. I support Unity too. It is giving people a chance to make their dream game come true, and for me, I think that’s a fantastic.


    1. Hah! Maybe so, but he’s not afraid to throw out the old and invent the new when it’s worth the time and effort to do so, even if it means taking a temporary hit in functionality – thinking mostly of GalCiv2 -> 3 here.

      Gonna grab Rivals as soon as it lands on GOG, sounds like a much more compelling experience than the base game.

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  1. I had high hopes for SK because the concept was brilliant. Execution not so much. I was easily able to build an uber stack and just blitz everything. Minimal challenge, repetitive, boring combat in a game that forces a tonne of combat.

    Someone should marry SK with Thea, where you have just one or 2 villages, and your band of adventurers is doing a LOTR style quest resulting in killing the Sorceror King, not imho trying to be a mini SK.

    In SK I ended up owning more of the map than the SK.

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      1. Everything? For context, I consider AoW 3 combat to be the standard, and most, if not all games fall far short. Eador had a different, but also great, combat system.

        I tried SK and bounced off it really hard.

        I mono stacked and won it as a regular 4x. I don’t think that’s supposed to happen…


      2. Also, somewhere in the SD forums Brad talks about tactical combat. IIRC, basically he disliked/dislikes it (as in just the idea) intensely and felt he had to put it in his fantasy 4x game, i.e. Elemental.

        @ Nate, I’m deluged with interesting game offers and these days I feel I’ve been burned buying things on release. I also have a backlog of games I haven’t completed, and have decided to finish those before buying new stuff, and give existing games a chance to impress me, instead of chasing the next new thing.

        Ergo, Rivals is really far down the list.



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