Let’s Play Giveaway #2 Master Of Orion: CtS Winners Announcement


Welp, there you have it. Mark tried, and lost to the mighty Bulrathi militant tree-huggers. Sure, he could have gone another 300 turns to get the ultimate result, so we saved you the hassle and did it for you.

Welp, there you have it!

Here’s a brief synopsis of the action: The Klackons kept the Alkari (i.e. Mark) pinned and vice versa. In the meantime, the humans were eliminated and became the first empire to fall. At this point, the Alkari made nice with the Bulrathi, joining an alliance with them and the game was all but finished, but Mark persevered to try and salvage it. Then the Mrsshan made a move but floundered when the Bulrathi showed an interest in their home systems. Finally the Klackons were stomped into paste. And that folks as we say is that.

Without further ado, here are your winners who were chosen randomly (RNG):


Collectors Edition:

Martok – Prize Claimed

BTAxis – Prize Claimed


Additional Standard Edition Keys (thanks to Chris Keeling):

Mtl404 – Prize Forfeited 

Picasso – Prize Claimed

Black_Napalm – Prize Claimed

rlreid26a – Prize Claimed


To collect your prize, you have 2 days, that is until Thursday (9/22) 8PM EST, to either e-mail me at eXplorminate@gmail.com or friend me on steam and claim your copy. If you aren’t a group member, your prize will be forfeit and given to a runner up. Yes, we have your back-ups waiting in the wings.
We’d like to thank Wargaming.net, WG Labs, and NGD Studios for making such a fun game. We’d also like to thank Mark “Army Pea” for running this contest once again.

17 thoughts on “Let’s Play Giveaway #2 Master Of Orion: CtS Winners Announcement

  1. Wow, I won the collector’s edition, hooray!

    I’m wondering though, in the stream Mark mentioned that relatively few people chose the Bulrathi. How many people did, in the end?

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  2. From that let’s play I’ve got an impression that there is a trigger in “AI” to pretty much leave an obviously loosing player alone – so it doesn’t hurt his feelings too much (and keeps him playing). Is it not so?
    If it is so – it’s smart, but is it good?


    1. Not in my experience. The AI likes to stomp you good. The reason the Bulrathi allied with the Alkari is because of the Galactic Council Vote. Same thing happened with the Meklar. They offered him an alliance a few votes later to try and sway his vote. That’s my take on it.


      1. Klackons could destroy him. Mrrshans could destroy him (where already there) and get away from Bulrathis not risking anything (too far away). Bulrathis could easily take his planets, upgrade them and get even more votes.


      2. Yea, it’s all about the vote I think. The Mrrshan went after him, but then the Bulrathi sent a huge fleet towards them, and the Mrsshan ran. The Meklar wanted his votes. Anyways, I can’t say why it played out the way it did. In my games, I play differently. I micromanage and min/max. That isn’t fun and doesn’t look good for a “cinematic” experience.


  3. Thanks everyone. @Nasarog: I sent you an email. Looking forward to try out the MoO:CtS release version!

    And of course the Bulrathi won. Glory to the hardy Space Bears!

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  4. After a couple of days of trying and a lot of extra effort by Nasarog, I’ve collected my game. It’s my son’s birthday tomorrow, so this is part of his gift package..

    Thanks to Nasarog, Army Pea and everyone at explorminate.net, and Chris Keeling for giving away the keys.

    By the way, Nasarog isn’t kidding about the surprise for the Standard Edition winners.

    And now, a GNN Special Report: Are the Bulrathi overpowered? Prize winner says Yes!


  5. The Klackons may appear to have lost, but the Bulrathi mentioned them in their victory speech. They know they couldn’t have done it without the hive keeping the bird faces occupied for the whole game :)



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