Strategic eXpanse #27 – The 3rd Brad Wardell Interview.

Join Nate and Troy as they speak with Brad Wardell, the man behind Stardock, about all things Galactic Civilizations 3, Sorcerer King, Ashes of the Singularity, Offworld Trading Company, Star Control and much much more!

Music for eXplorminate by Mangadrive


Show Notes:

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  1. Thanks for the interview, it’s a pleasure to listen to Mr. Wardell, good communication. Haha, nice bit 52:55 ff. “Many gamers don’t realize this – this is a business” :-) Haha, yeah. In a way, this is true. Gamers expect to pay a product once and get lifetime and regular updates and enhancements for it in the future. If they do not see an update, they expect a game to be dead. -> All the board games we have, they must be super dead.


  2. I’ll own OTC the moment it lands on GOG. Kind of odd that so many other Stardock titles are available there, and OTC is already on its first DLC but still not…? I wonder what’s going on.


  3. So what’s the deal with GC3 Crusade? It’s an expansion that basically changes all the basic game mechanics? So after a year and a half they’re admitting they can’t make GC3 a fun game without totally reinventing it?

    There is next to nothing on the web about it….



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