Stars In Shadow Launches Into Steam Early Access Today


Something is coming out of the shadows… Today! Stars in Shadow, the space 4X MoO-like from Ashdar Games, is now in Steam Early Access, just waiting for you to download/play/conquer.

As a reminder, Stars in Shadow promises a distinctive hand-drawn, comic-style art and a rich, detailed backstory.

Other features include:

  • Deep, turn-based tactical starship combat, with quality-of-life features like multi-ship commands to keep large-scale engagements moving quickly
  • Seven playable factions, each with unique gameplay elements. Play as one of the young races, just reaching out into the stars, or one of the old races: survivors of a war long past who bear ancient grudges
  • A robust diplomacy system
  • Empire management that focuses on high-level decision-making
  • Many planet types, with their own lore and backstory

Greetings and Salutations.

We’ve had our eyes on this one for a while, so you can bet we’ll bring even more coverage now that the game is in EA. But if you have to wait to try the game, you can see what you’re missing – here.

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  1. The linked YouTube preview came out pretty bad. The game isn’t casual (by far), so you need to spend couple of hours playing and couple of hours reading forums to start (!) understanding what you are doing there. Rob didn’t, yet he kept ranting about things he had no remote understanding about.
    You might say that an unprepared review is better than no review, but it didn’t feel so than watching that one.


    • Listening comprehension must not be your strong suit. It was very specifically a preview video meant to show off a little bit of gameplay. Not ONCE did it say anything about a review. I simply tried to make a video to help people see what SiS had to offer.

      Next time, you’re more than welcome to skip videos I make.


    • Boris. I don’t understand why you’re so negative. You did this in the WeX 97 comments, and you’re doing it here. Rob understands Stars in Shadow better than you. That I can promise you. He had access to the game almost a year ago. Just look at our old vids. This preview was done as a “cold” look.

      Sure, we can dissect every game out there, but that’s not our purpose or goal. We are a fan site, not a professional reviewing service. No one pays us for what we do, and we don’t force anyone to stay.


      • Lobotomized people are very happy and positive. Someone needs to be negative, or there is no discussion. Yes, it’s very Russian of me.
        And yes, I’ve made a typo – “review” instead of “preview”. Noticed right away, but didn’t find a way to edit.


      • I suppose, but being negative doesn’t mean you need to be nasty. In our steam forums, we have a whole lot of negativity at times, but we don’t get nasty and attack one another. Your post above is overtly aggressive without any real purpose.

        You could have said that you don’t like Rob’s play style or commentary or whatever, and that would have been fine. But attacking Rob is not cool. Russian or not.


      • I didn’t attack Rob, just that particular video (in my opinion it’s better to be removed). Calling every honest dislike “rude” is what got a lot of “naked kings” walking around.
        Can’t not ask – why are you sure Rob understands Stars in Shadow better than I do? Don’t remember us playing together. So he had an access a year ago – what does it prove? I also didn’t get it from the Steam.


      • Boris, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the video is NOT coming down. Your metaphorical analogy doesn’t work here either. Maybe if you wrote it in Russian it would make more sense.

        As far as who played more or less, yea, you are right, but it doesn’t change anything. Thanks for continued feedback and participation.


  2. “you need to spend couple of hours playing and couple of hours reading forums to start”
    But should you have to? On the other hand it is Early Access so maybe this will be “fixed” by release.


    • Just to be clear – I love the game. It’s very deep and has a “soul”. The graphics is very original. The gameplay is quite immersive (if you have time to spare). The developers have a vision, which is rare now.
      That’s why I was so negative about the linked video above.


  3. Back to the point of this.

    I have about 20 hours into the game since it entered Early Access last week and I’m enjoying it very much given the state of the game which is quite solid. It has many of the things I liked in MoO2 (turn based combat and no star lanes for instance) and removes several of the things I did not like about MoO2 (excessive micromanagement, tech research where if you choose one tech you permanently can’t research another tech, and how tedious late game battles could be by implementing a turn by turn auto resolve option and allowing the player to group ships and move and fire them all at once).

    The developer is quite involved in the game forum and Steam discussion and seems receptive to player recommendations but I like that he is also signaling that he intends to remain true to his vision of the game. Too many developers kowtow to vocal player complaints and lose sight of the game they intended to create.

    I can recommend trying this Early Access game. Folks waiting until it reaches final release won’t be disappointed as this game will get better I predict.




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