Aven Colony Enters Beta


At eXplorminate, we love 4X and Strategy titles. You know that, right? But that’s not all we love – a good city simulation is in our wheelhouse, too. Remember the Anno 2205 write-up? Exactly.

Aven Colony by Mothership Entertainment is another such title. You play the leader of Earth’s first extra-solar colony. Set light years away on the planet Aven Prime, you are tasked with gathering resources and building infrastructure for your incoming colonists. It’s a hostile planet full of deserts, tundra, and jungle biomes. Build wisely and your colony will grow, but don’t forget to protect your colonists from the harsh conditions of this hostile, alien world.

Feature list:


  • A rich simulation of an extraterrestrial colony, including oxygen propagation, habitation, employment, electricity and power generation, mining, crime, food cultivation, limited inventory, water, and much more.
  • Dozens of different buildings, from simple inflatable-tent “modules” to massive skyscrapers created from metallic nano-cubes (“nanites”). Most of these buildings support 2-3 upgrade tiers.
  • A fully functional day/night cycle, which is tied to a “sol” on Aven Prime (a “sol” is equivalent to one earth week, and “night” is essentially a brief winter season). During the “winter” season, Aven Prime freezes over, and farms will not grow food and solar panels will generate far less electricity.
  • Use 3 different types of advanced flying drones (construction drones, police drones, and scrubber drones) to build, upgrade, and manage your colony.
  • An alien infection called “the creep,” which can glom onto buildings and cover them in alien tentacles. Build special “Scrubber Drones” to clear the creep from infected buildings and stop it from taking over the entire colony.
  • Additional environmental challenges including lightning storms, dust devils, deadly toxic gas emissions from geothermal vents, and shard storms.
  • Research, grow, and process various alien plant species and foodstuffs and decide on the best locations to place farms and greenhouses for roughly a dozen different crops, derived from both Earth-based and native plant species.
  • 12 distinct “overlay” modes give more information about the colony: Crops, Citizens, Happiness, Crime, Air, Electricity, Employment, Resources, Structures, Commute, Drones, and Water.
  • Manufacture dozens of types of foods, beverages, and “enhancement substances” that will alter your citizens’ morale and productivity.
  • A rich morale system based on 13 different morale factors, and regular referendum elections that will give your citizens the opportunity to kick you out of office if morale gets too low.
  • Over a dozen social policies.
  • Discover, analyze, and use ancient alien artifacts as you learn more about the civilization that once inhabited the world of Aven Prime.
  • A robust mission objective system that gently guides the player to build a viable colony at the start of the game, then expands to give broader objectives toward the endgame and keep the player moving. This system includes construction objectives, trade objectives, population / morale objectives, total colony size objectives, and much more. Up to three objectives are available to the player at a time.
  • Fully player-controllable game speed; pause the game at any time or play at 1x, 2x, 4x, or 8x game speed.
  • Rise in rank from Colony Governor to Expedition President (5 ranks total).
  • A unique narrative that reveals the secrets of the civilization that once lived on Aven Prime.


For more information about the beta, here’s a link on the official website.

Maybe you’re more into visual aids? Here is the official trailer.

Good luck, Governor. May your cities flourish.



4 thoughts on “Aven Colony Enters Beta

  1. Ooh.. that looks magnificent. I’m a sucker for a good city-builder. Planetside was good but not quite deep or varied enough. Still waiting for Cities:Skylines and Anno 2205 to come to GOG, hopefully this one shows up there.

    Thanks for the writeup!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Looks good, but there is one real deal-breaker for me with these kinds of games: Is there a game here? Like the ‘Impressions Games’ series, you get an assignment, you complete it, you move onto the next one?

    Or is it just ‘pure sandbox’ like Sim City or Cities Skylines? Because if it’s the latter I’ll pass.


    1. There’s a campaign which introduces the maps and requires you to complete tasks to win each scenario and move to the next one. There is also a sandbox mode.

      Both modes are fan-effing-tastic.



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