Round #2 Winners:

  • AndreG – Thea: the Awakening – Key Claimed
  • MatBailie – Thea: the Awakening – Key Claimed
  • Harley9699 – Pocket Space Empire – Key Claimed
  • Motleycrue – Planar Conquest – FORFEIT

We’d like to congratulate our round #1 giveaway winners:

  • Cadfan – Thea: the Awakening – Key Claimed
  • garion333 – Planar Conquest Key Claimed
  • Sarge – Thea: the Awakening – Key Claimed
  • pez – Predestination – Key Claimed
  • Fermion Ace – Pocket Space Empire – Key Claimed
  • German Dad – Predestination – Key Claimed
  • Arguser – Planar Conquest – FORFEIT 
  • Mike Neely – Pocket Space Empire – FORFEIT

Congrats to the second round winners. You have until Monday night (8pm EST) to claim the prize, if you do not, a new set of winners will be hand chosen.

Email us at eXplorminate @ gmail dot com to claim your key! or Friend Nasarog on Steam.

Bonus – We might have an extra copy or two of Thea. If you are interested and didn’t win anything in the main giveaway, post your steam handle here and convince us of why you should get it!!!


  1. Hey… Cadfan here. So I, uh, already own, and love, Thea. In fact I placed in a writing contest they held, and not only is my name in the game (if you recruit a Cadfan that’s why) but so is a quest I wrote. I’m the guy who drafted the ideas for the quest where the Baba Yaga attacks, then turns out to be a bunch of clothes full of rats that all run in different directions.

    Can I get a replacement prize, or donate my prize to someone else, or both?

    If there are no alternative prizes I will be sad but ok.

    My 4x collection is fairly limited. Kind of funny this happened I guess.


  2. Steam: Biscuits ‘n’ Gravy

    And as for the reason why I should receive a Thea key, as a avid follower of eXplorminate I deserve free stuff. Do you know how hard it is to read every article and listen to every podcast! ;)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. C’mon!
    I should have gotten the key in 2nd run. This is probably revenge because I posted Ned might be female due his postings!
    I strongly protest! (Just kidding of course).

    Can we have some kind of contest in one of the games to win these?

    Like…..we could do Demigod duels? Or team fights?



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