The 4Xperts Show #1 – Master Of Orion: Conquer The Stars


The 4Xperts convene!

The 4Xperts Show is a new podcast created by Rob Honaker in close association with eXplorminate. It features a panel of 4X game veterans having in depth discussions about various 4X games. Some of their shows will review games, while others will revisit titles that have been out for a while and discuss feature changes and updates.

The inaugural episode has its sights squarely on Master of Orion as the 4Xperts panel (Nate, Chris, Mark and I) dives into the reboot and talks about what was done well and what could have gone better.


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  1. I think Rob & I are on the same wavelength on these games. I never understand why they rebooted the MOO1 “story” with the MOO2 “mechanics”, and then left out the best mechanics added in MOO2.

    MOO4 is obviously a good game. The average of your ratings is 7.25 and Steam reviews are at 72%. That’s a pretty uncanny match!


    • This show was recorded a week ago too, so we didn’t adjust our numbers at all. To me, NuMoO is between a 7 and a 8. Closer to 7.5 actually, but since we went with whole numbers, I had to trend downwards because it was missing one or two things that I really want to see. But there are plans for the future, and this bodes well for the title.


  2. Does MoO: CTS show a cut scene when you win the game? The first two incarnations of the game had that, I was wondering of this one kept that tradition?



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