Endless Legend: Tempest DLC Announcement


I don’t know about you all, but we here at eXplorminate are very excited about the new Tempest eXpansion/DLC (or whatever these are called nowadays) for Endless Legend. Amplitude is giving us what we have clamored for since day one: Naval Warfare. But that’s not all. We get a new major faction, the Morgwar, and an aquatic minor, the Fomorians, that work together to control the high seas. Speaking of the high seas, we now have weather and sea monsters to contend with as well.

The Morgwar do not mess around!

Here’s the official Amplitude feature list:

– Naval Warfare: Naval battles for everyone! Players will be able to battle on the seas. All seaborne units can instigate and reinforce sea battles. New mechanics and tile effects spice up this new type of battle.

– Ocean Control with Weather System: Arcane structures have emerged from beneath the waves: these Endless relics provide strategic and luxury resources as well as other bonuses to the empire able to control them. To do so, their mysterious guardians must be parlayed with or defeated in battle. The same guardians will patrol “wild” ocean regions, making them a lot less safe to cross without a convoy. Expect clouds, rain and storms to appear on your map.

– Sea Fortresses and Minor Faction Fomorians: New generated ocean regions, including a Sea Fortress, offer strategic locations in the water for players to battle it out. Anywhere from zero to three fortresses are located in each ocean region, so expect more in oceans that are more strategically pivotal, between islands or continents.
Obviously, we’re huge fans of Endless Legend here and the most recent eXpansion (the Allayi) has made us all the more so. To be getting even more content for EL is a real treat and we can’t wait to check it out.

“We built this city, we built this city on….”

As usual, Amplitude will give the community an opportunity to try out the new Tempest gameplay in a closed beta. Here’s the place to enter the contest. Good luck!
So, if you haven’t dived into Auriga to eXperience Endless Legend, now is as good a time as any. Welcome to the fold and enjoy.

“Who doesn’t love a little fireworks over the bay?”

10 thoughts on “Endless Legend: Tempest DLC Announcement

  1. Funny coincidence – I started an EL a game last night for the first time in six months or so.

    One of the big patches/dlc changed the game balance and I kept facing armies twice as big as mine. Bad as that is what was worse is they had like DOUBLE the level and were basically unbeatable.

    I was going to try and figure out how that was happening, but I got frustrated and quit.

    Been waiting for naval units forever, so now I’ll definitely be playing again.


    1. Depends on the faction actually. There are two factions that double the strength of the army with particular heroes. The AI has been significantly improved. It upgrades. It hunts you. It ambushes. It’s mean. I love it.


  2. This genuinely looks brilliant. I am getting an Age of Wonders III vibe from these offshore platform things, in that mechanically they are like seals. I am really intrigued by the idea of parlaying with them. Amplitude have done such a good job with Endless Legend.

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