Sorcerer King: Rivals Announced

To fans of this genre, it should be no surprise that we’re huge fans of Stardock’s Sorcerer King. So we’re beyond excited to announce the new standalone expansion for last summer’s surprise hit: Rivals.


The new eXpansion will take the SK we all know and love and turn it on its head. Per Stardock CEO, Brad Wardell,

In the original Sorcerer King, the player’s mission was to round up allies to defeat the malevolent Sorcerer King before he can collect enough Doom Essence to cast the spell of Ascension. This time around, you, the player are able to collect your own Ascension magic in an attempt to reach godhood with everyone else having to try to stop you from doing so. You and the Sorcerer King are now rivals.

Do I know you? Why are you following me?

Rivals also adds a ton of new content to the base SK, including:

  • Two new factions to play as: the Dwarves of the Frozen
    Realm and one other that has yet to be revealed
  • Nearly a dozen hand-crafted maps to go along with the procedurally generated
    maps the game is already well known for
  • New, well-integrated quests that live up to the high standard you’d expect from Stardock’s Elemental-world games
  • Three new boss monsters (bringing the total to five) who roam the world and punish those who cross their paths
  • A user-friendly quest editor that automatically adds the new content to the game when saved
  • Tightly integrated Steam Workshop support that lets players quickly share
    their creations as well as download worlds and quests created by others

No one shall pass to my Golden mountain.

Stardock has set a release date of late Summer 2016 for the new eXpansion, which is like, y’know, SOON. How cool is that? A from-scratch purchase of SK + Rivals will cost you $29.99. People who already own the base game can pick up the new content for $9.99.

For more information, check out and, of course, keep an eye and an ear on eXplorminate for all kinds of Sorcerer King coverage!

Let’s get to crafting again.

6 thoughts on “Sorcerer King: Rivals Announced

  1. I never bought into the ‘you build the whole game up to defeat the boss’ thing. Seems like very limited replayability to me.

    Does this make the game more ‘Civ’ like? Playing against different factions and winning in more than one way?


  2. To me, the more they make it “Civ-like” the more it becomes just another version of Fallen Enchantress. Based on what we’re seeing here, it does seem like they’re trying to add some replayability with different strategic options (competing with the SK rather than just overthrowing him) – but the limited scope is kind of necessary to the concept. It’s a very narrative driven take on 4X.

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  3. I have to admit that I bounced off this one initially. I am not unused to asymmetric gameplay (longtime fan of AI war), but it just didn’t stick. I think it might have been due to the game moving too slowly at the beginning, it felt like all eXplore and a little bit of building and the SK popping his head up once in a while to be gloomy and menacing but.. kind of toothless. “I am the all powerful Sorceror King, a short step away from GODHOOD! And I shall let you live for now because.. I’m bored, I guess. Normally I’d squash anyone who showed the least bit of initiative, but it’s just too easy these days. *sigh* It’s not easy being a god, you know?”

    At least, that’s how the conversation went in my head.



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