Weekly eXchange #89 – Meet The Civs

Join Nate and Troy as they bring you all the important information on all of your favorite 4X and strategy games! This week they discuss Civilization 6, Stellaris, Pocket Space Empires, the Darkest Dungeon Giveaway and much much more. As well as continued coverage for your other favorite 4X and strategy games!


Music for eXplorminate by Mangadrive

Show Notes:

3 thoughts on “Weekly eXchange #89 – Meet The Civs

  1. Just a couple of points of clarification.

    The Remnants alpha test (“Alpha 2”) was in June and has ended. The next alpha (“Alpha 3”) is scheduled for Fall 2017. I have about 3-4 months of coding work to do to get the game to that point, but its mostly just artwork. The only person who currently needs to work full-time is the artist, and that’s what he’s doing.

    There’s going to be more unique artwork in Remnants than in a lot of other 4x games because I don’t want to cut corners on the immersiveness of the game and its races. I could probably speed things up by paying for a 2nd artist but the one we have now is really good so I’d prefer to stick with him and do it right.

    There’s just no realistic way to speed it up without compromising quality and there’s no particular reason to.

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  2. A typical turn in CiV: I build the Eiffel tower, I build a steamship, I research chemistry, I convert a local city-state to my religion.

    A typical turn in Thea: I get four pieces of wood, three vegetables, a shirt no one can wear and one of my villagers dies from a wound she got fighting a giant rat three turns ago.

    Thea is a hard game. I can make and achieve goals in CiV but in Thea my villagers with 8 health keep getting into fights with guys with 9 attack.



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