Amplitude Joins The SEGA Family Announcement

Today, SEGA – makers of multiple hedgehog-based products – announced they have acquired Amplitude Studios, the developers of Endless Space, Dungeon of the Endless, Endless Legend, and the upcoming Endless Space 2.

“Don’t mind us… Just making a few little adjustments.”

On the face of it, Amplitude may seem like a strange choice for SEGA, however it’s important to remember that in recent years they have added Creative Assembly (responsible for the Total War franchise) and Relic (makers of the Dawn of WarHomeworld and Company of Heroes series), both major players in the strategy market.

At their blog over at Games2Gether, Amplitude posted:

“We have decided to join forces with SEGA – yes, that SEGA! We want the only question that keeps us up at night to be, ‘How do I make better games?’ Partnering with SEGA will bring us to a whole new level.”

“Do not be afraid”

President and COO of SEGA Europe, Jurgen Post, said SEGA shared Amplitude’s enthusiasm over the acquisition:

“To have the opportunity to add a studio with the growing reputation of Amplitude’s, to the SEGA family, is an exciting one and reinforces SEGA Europe’s position as a market leader in publishing high quality PC games. Culturally, Amplitude are a fantastic fit for the business as they not only produce great games, but also have a proven track record in listening to their fans and directly involving them in the ongoing development of their games through their GAMES2GETHER system.”

Is that the Dreamcast logo on the bottom right?

How much of an impact this will have on the development of Endless Space 2 and on other Amplitude properties in general is yet to be seen, but you can bet we’ll be covering it here at eXplorminate!

12 thoughts on “Amplitude Joins The SEGA Family Announcement

  1. Because it has always been Amplitude’s dream to be part of a holding company that derives 98% of its net income from selling gambling machines?

    Strange times. I wish them well and hope they all came out of it with piles of well deserved cash.


  2. Oh my God, this is a sell out and a fucking disaster.

    I don’t care what anyone says, Amplitude as we know it will no longer exist soon. Damn, this is just awful, awful news.


  3. At least we got some good games out of Amplitude to play before this happened. There is no way SEGA is going to make them any better or even the same quality. Time to turn off all my email notifications and unlike them FB so I do not receive there spam.


  4. hmm, that is realy a strange direction that amplitude is taking.
    i can fully understand some of their agruments, it’s good if you can go back and concentrate on making a game and let someone better suited make the merchandise and sale.

    but in the end it is a rare event that such decision did help a development studio in the long run.
    i think we may not see much of it at Endless Space 2 as it is already long in development, but upcoming titles will sure be under the direction of SEGA.

    i wouldn’t put them on a blacklist right away, but this get’s their products from “sure buy, maybe preorder” to “wait for release and some reviews”.

    anyway, i wish them best luck with their decision. because if it works out, we the players will also benefit from it.


  5. Someone from Amplitude chiming in here-

    We did it for a number of reasons, a big one being that the two founders (our tech director and creative director) were spending more and more time running a small business (50 people) and less and less time making games. It just wasn’t fun anymore.

    The partnership with Sega looks excellent, as they have a *very* hands-off relationship with their studios. Nobody is coming to work here, nobody is getting fired, nobody has checks or vetoes on our design decisions.

    Of course it’s just the start, but everything we have seen and heard sounds excellent. Sure, we can check back in a year and see, but for the moment the entire studio is happy and optimistic. We no longer have to worry about whether or not we will survive market changes and upheavals. We just have to worry about making awesome games.

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    1. I think you just have to look at CA to see where Amplitude is headed now under Sega. Crappy, games pushed out before they’re ready followed by heaps of worthless dlc – supported for a year and then move on to churn out the next mess.


      1. I do think you missed Total War Warhammer, which is a great game, and had a pretty good launch. So its contradicts what youare saying.


  6. I think the doom & gloom is a bit premature. Maybe, i dont know, judge them on the quality of the games they release. Just an idea.


  7. Yeah, I’ve worked for a lot of business’s that got bought. It’s all flowers and poetry at first. ‘Of course we’re not going to change anything, why would we have bought you if we wanted to change you’.

    Then three months later it’s ‘who wants to move to Chicago, that’s where we’re putting you’.



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