Dawn Of Andromeda Closed Beta Round Two Announcement


As expected (and previously discussed), Dawn of Andromeda (like Oriental Empires before it) is having a closed beta rather than go into Steam’s Early Access program. If you’re interested in Dawn of Andromeda and think you’re up to the challenge, click here to register for a chance to beta test the game because Round Two has begun.


From Iceberg Interactive, publishers of Dawn of Andromeda:

“This is our call to all enthusiastic and committed fans of the 4X genre, to enter the Closed Beta program and help us in a controlled test environment with their valuable feedback.”

Dawn of Andromeda is a new space 4X full of all the goodies that players expect from the genre including:


  • An entire universe to explore, filled with factions, artefacts, ruins, and research opportunities
  • Pre-designed, customizable races
  • Specific eras, each with unique challenges
  • A deep diplomacy system that is affected by your actions
  • Real time, non-instanced combat
  • Multiple, customizable victory conditions, unique to each faction



For more information, check out the Dawn of Andromeda Steam page and website and, of course, keep looking here at eXplorminate for more coverage.

Best of luck to those hoping to get in the beta!

“We come in peace…”

6 thoughts on “Dawn Of Andromeda Closed Beta Round Two Announcement

  1. Had a look at the webpage. Looks interesting, but I have to wonder what “Assymetric gameplay” is.

    “In space, nobody can hear you shake your booty”


    1. “Asymmetric gameplay” means the sides don’t all play by the same rules and/or start off equally.

      In this case, it looks like some races will start with FTL while others won’t, and some may even start with much bigger empires. Luckily, if you don’t like that, it looks like there’ll be an option to make everyone start off equally (like in most 4X games).


      1. Agreed! And, no worries, your reply was polite and informative. To paraphrase Arthur C. Clarke, “Any sufficiently advanced wit is indistinguishable from stupidity.”



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