Let’s Play Giveaway

We’re going to try something brand new here at eXplorminate and that is a….

“Drum Roll”

Let’s Play Giveaway!!!

The format is going to be a little bit more robust than just a simple RNG contest. What we’ve got in mind is something far more fabulous, far more stupendous, and way more fun!

dd bounty

Come and earn your keep.

Mark “Army Pea”, eXplorminate’s newest YT’er, will play a game of Darkest Dungeon. If you haven’t heard of DD we’re not sure where you’ve been hiding, but here’s our eXcursion for it.

We’ll collect your names beforehand – by the standard route of making a comment below, you’ll be added to the list. While playing (and recording) this game of DD, Army Pea will be adding in all of the names that have been collected into the pool. That’s right, if you enter your Steam name, it will be used right ’till the end.

As each contestant’s avatar gets killed in the field of battle, they will be eliminated from the contest. Last person (Avatar) standing wins the contest prize. So come and share in the deep despair that is the Darkest Dungeon!

The contest prize will be announced soon, but we can assure you that any 4X fan is going to be excited by the prospect of winning!! We’ll give you a hint – this game might be coming out by the end of the year and there might be a lot of hype behind it.

dd abom

Don’t give up/

So enter in your name now if you are interested in doing this run because the contest closes on the 12th of June (2016). Then watch in nail-biting anticipation while your avatar creeps through the depths of unspeakable horror in a march towards the ultimate prize!!

Contest Rules:

  1. You must be a verified eXplorminate steam group member.
  2. See rule 1.

The journey begins!

Good luck!!!

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  1. Indeed, the idea is quite delicious and intriguing. Looking forward to see how it goes!
    What happens if all 4 characters or everybody dies at once, by the way?
    Steam name: Corlindale


  2. Sounds like a fun idea, [4boots] Saber153 over here, hope I made it in time owo

    Also you guys ever plan to do a Total War: Warhammer giveaway?


  3. So, episode 5 of eXplorminate’s Darkest Dungeon is out. One thing is for sure – watching others delve deep into the brutal dungeon is one thing, but when it’s your character’s turn… Didn’t expect it to be THAT thrilling and nail-biting.
    Anyways, I’d like to thank Army Pea, for picking me up into the lucky pool of 28; and majandro – those Battlefield Bandages were a real lifesaver!
    Oh, and Programming Gods of RNG too, of course! I haven’t played the game myself, but previous 4 expeditions were more than enough to understand that getting down to zero hp 4 times and surviving 6 deathblows is no joke D:

    Special thanks and bonus (stress) points go to Army Pea! For keeping the most debuffed, marked, and least hp character on the frontline no matter what BUT taking care and healing her at the same time :D

    No wonder she got a Dipsomania (Intense craving for alchohol.) in the end, as if she already knew where they were heading after the dungeon – to meet group 3 at the Inn.
    So, cheers to the survivors, we will never be the same again. And Good Luck to the remaining two groups!

    P.S. I’ve noticed that there’s a doppleganger hiding in the Sierra Estate roster, in the form of Cordlindale with a plaguedoctor’s mask. Unless there was someone else signing up with that name – get the impostor!

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