Weekly eXchange #82 – Destination Predestination

Join Rob and Nate as they bring you all the important information on all of your favorite 4X and strategy games! This week we discuss the Stellaris, Civilizations 6, Predestination, Remnants of the Precursors and Eador: Imperium. As well as continued coverage for your other favorite 4X and strategy games!

Music by Mangadrive for eXplorminate

Show Notes:

12 thoughts on “Weekly eXchange #82 – Destination Predestination

  1. Looking forward to Civ6, personally. I liked Civ5, and I vastly prefer its combat model over Civ4’s, though 1Upt definitely has usability issues. The combined arms thing is going to be interesting. Really crossing my fingers for good mod support though, because that’s what’s Civ4 gets most of its staying power from. I’m a big fan of modding.

    I totally agree about the cat-and-mouse issues with Stellaris combat. The only way around it seems to be using FTL traps, but the military stations are comparatively fragile and you can’t stack them on top of each other. On the other hand, mods can help you out there.


  2. I’m getting so tired of waiting for games that are out (or nearly out) to be updated to fix play problems. Galciv3 – the best example of that (a year and still a mess), MOO, Stellaris. Will these games be done next June?


    1. Don’t know to be honest with you. With the digital platform, games get updated constantly so the publishers release games in “good” states and improve on them. In your case, you might want to wait 3-6 months before buying a game, or a year or more even if you are unhappy with release candidates.

      Plenty of older games in great working conditions out to keep you busy in the meantime.


  3. Enjoyable listen as always guys!

    Had no idea that Eador line was still being developed, I’m still getting a lot of mileage out of Eador:Genesis. From what I remember Broken Worlds didn’t bring much extra to the table; I actually like the plain but functional more retro look of the original.

    Just a thought, you might be apologizing too much for having actual lives outside gaming. I would bet that a sizable chunk of gamers have only vague memories of endless teenage free time and wonder how on earth you guys manage to squeeze in so much gaming AND running a website. ;)


  4. Great show, guys!

    Will it be some months yet before you can say anything about Endless Space 2? I sure wish Amplitude would release more gameplay footage.



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