Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Announced!

Not enough 4X in your life this year? Of course not! Announced in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Civilization franchise, CIV VI is planned for release on October 21, 2016.   The initial wave of press releases and interviews covers a wide range of innovations, so buckle up, we’re going to cover them for you.


EXPANSIVE EMPIRES – Cities no longer occupy just a single tile – they will expand with each building and improvement you create. Your empire will spread across the map and, looking at the screenshots, it seems very obvious what’s built in each hex (Yep, it’s hex-based again.) This should put an even bigger emphasis on taking advantage of the surrounding terrain for extra bonuses, and eliminate the strict build queues and “all of the above” city development we’ve all seen since Civ was first launched in 1991.

ACTIVE RESEARCH – Players will need to take a more active approach research in the new system. Research is now tied to exploring the local terrain, with mini-quests giving bonuses to certain research projects. Sounds like a great way to make research more interesting instead of just picking techs for research and forgetting about them until they are complete.

DYNAMIC DIPLOMACY – Diplomacy was one of the biggest weaknesses in Civ V. Firaxis is looking to change that. It will now be easier to understand where different leaders are coming from based on their historical character and similar in-game motivations. Random agendas will also be assigned to leaders, keeping the diplomacy fresh and fun. It’s safe to say that Gandhi won’t be dropping nukes on your head this time around. (Yeah, right…)

Hi, neighbor.

COMBINED ARMSCiv V’s Panzer-General-esque one-unit-per-tile system has returned, but now you can also stack units to a limited degree. Different units can be combined in the same hex, linking the units into a “Corps,” which operates like a single upgraded unit. This should make for some deeper and more interesting tactics.

ENHANCED MULTIPLAYER – Firaxis is mostly mum on this point, but they have plans for the ability to play cooperative and competitive games that can be finished in a single session. Multiplayer is one of the biggest draws for Civ V, so we are curious to see how this works out.

A CIV FOR ALL PLAYERS – Veterans will probably acclimate quickly, after learning what has changed, but what about new players? The Civilization franchise has always done a great job of bringing gamers into the 4X-fanatic fold, and it looks as if Firaxis is creating new tutorial systems to make it easier for new players to dive in and not feel entirely lost.

All four seasons in one day… Almost.

According to Firaxis, all of the main gameplay from Civilization V is going to be baked right in – espionage, religion, trades routes and more. Considering how bare-bones many thought Civ V and even Civ IV were at release, it would be great to be spared the extended wait for a feature complete game.

Needless to say, we here at eXplorminate are eXtremely eXcited for the 21st of October and we’ll be sure to keep you informed about Civilization VI’s development, both online and in our podcast!


20 thoughts on “Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Announced!

  1. Even though I enjoyed plenty of hours with CiV, I really regret buying it as it came out. And even now, years after release, some main issues (MP) haven’t been fixed.

    That’s why I really want to wait this time until I really know where they were going with Civ 6.


  2. Really? They’re going to this….this year? Well well. Seems by the description in steam is, they have quite a few new changes that at least sounds pretty good. The new combat systems especially is intriguing.


  3. I think the art looks fantastic. Did you see those ships? Gorgeous. I suspect they are making the art work more ‘distinctive’ so people can play this on their tv sets with a Steam PC.

    I can’t wait to see the U.I.


  4. I’ll believe it’s good when I see it. Even if it comes out by then, I don’t expect it to be finished this year.
    Either way, my plate will be more that full with backlog and Paradox games.


  5. I’m super excited about Civ VI! I actually like the art style. I’m also into table top gaming and this looks reminiscent of the art in a lot of board games today. I am a little worried about the way Steam is pushing the Steam controller along with the announcement though. I don’t really want to play Civ sitting on my couch. 4X games work best played from a closer distance at a desk. UI sacrifices would certainly have to be made if it’s going to work comfortably as a living room experience.


  6. i should be excited about the announcement of CIV6, CIV franchise was always a sure deal for me.
    but after the, at least i see it this way, extrem bad shape of Beyond Earth and how firaxis handles Beyond Earth (patches!) i’m sorry for myself that i won’t buy CIV directly (not to think of a pre-order) at release.

    i’ll wait a few month and see how it works out, so maybe a xmas buy for me.
    and this makes me realy sorry for myselfe, always liked the CIV games.


  7. The announcement is good news, and I look forward to the game. However, I feel no need to pre-order, and I’ll wait for reviews. Firaxis gives no incentive for pre-ordering. Also, the releases of Civ V and Civ: BE don’t fill me with confidence that Civ VI will be ready out-the-door.


  8. And another dumbed down strategy “classic” announced.

    Sold to you by the most clever marketing strategy of 2016. “You are succesful with jobs and kids so you don’t have much time to play games so we downgrade the game to a mobile app for you”.

    And another 50 million sheep pre orders coming in. Bleaagggrrhhh


    1. I’m not sure the number of pre-orders will be high, because the people that would normally pre-order should remember the state of the original game of the prior releases, and because there’s no incentive for pre-ordering. But I guess we’ll find out.



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