Star Ruler 2 eXpansion Announcement


Big news, star rulers! Blind Mind studios, the developer of Star Ruler 2, has announced a new eXpansion called Wake of the Heralds, due to launch on April 22.


alien art
The Herald!!!

This new eXpansion brings a unique playable faction to SR2: “The Heralds.” The Heralds don’t have a home system, rather they have a loose network of three beacons that are spread around the galaxy. Wandering the stars, the Heralds subjugate other races’ planets in order to collect resources.

beacon art
Beacons are tough.

Of course, to balance this out, Heralds have unique advantages, such as collecting Support Points that provide multiple benefits. They also get Jumpdrive technology that spins up more quickly than plain old Hyperdrive.

attitude art
“Nobody knows me.”

Wake of the Heralds promises other additions, as well, including an Attitudes mechanic that helps you influence how your people and government will behave, providing bonuses and added depth to your race. Ships will also gain experience from every battle, making veteran starships far more valuable and powerful than their newly-built brethren. The expansion also adds the Invasion Map, where players must survive an incoming onslaught. Oh, and there are also Galactic Senate elections now.

“The things that I have seen…”

Is there more? Of course there’s more! Blind Mind is releasing new information on their Steam news page and at their site every day this week to get us going for launch day. We’ll have more coverage here, including a review of the new content, after the eXpansion launches.


18 thoughts on “Star Ruler 2 eXpansion Announcement

  1. Looks rather light-weight an expansion. Might be something to consider if Stellaris fails to deliver (which seems like an impossibility at this point).


    1. Perhaps it seems so just from the vagueness we put down on the Steam store page. It’s got tons of new subsystems, a whole new set of buildings, two races, a new FTL type, a new maptype, lots of new planetary resources, new researchables, better behavior settings for support ships, a completely reworked AI with configurable settings, an influence victory, new art throughout, polishes to some of the base art, tweaks to the UI, new fullscreen shader effects (bloom, god-rays, chromatic aberration, etc), and even more and better mod support… at $9.99 we feel it’s a pretty good deal for folks on top of being pretty beefy for an expansion.

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      1. Forgot about the new Attitudes mechanic, the Senate Leader and its new influence cards, new orbitals, a new ship type, and the rework on the planet and star textures. Of course there’s also performance upgrades in there and whatnot.

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  2. I really like some concepts of SR2. But it suffers from all those little bugs and annoyances (like the torpedo range bug reported by me). What makes it worse is that the dev just ignored bug reports. Then released a great new update. Then told me that the bug most likely would have been fixed, then ignored my update on the report that it hasn’t been fixed at all.
    And that was the point I gave up.

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  3. Also to dev, why the hell you dont write those things out so easily and clearly on the pages?

    Your web too suffers from lack of:
    1. Share buttons
    2. Link to steam fora with a scream “ask us devs directly on steam!”
    3. You tube links to lets plays and reviews
    4. Some mysterious flashes, animated goodies from game: HD Engine test video, new animated gfx effects, ringworlds, big explosions, video of few galaxies at large zoom at war then zooming in to a flashy admiral ship, galaxy council mechanics…



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