Weekly eXchange # 75 – A Milestone Show

Join Rob and Nate as they bring you all the important information on all of your favorite 4X and strategy games! This week we discuss the new EL Shifter DLC, Oriental Empires and Dawn of Andromeda skipping Steam EA, why Rob was so quiet, as well as our continued coverage of: Stellaris, Master of Orion, Endless Space 2 and more of your favorite 4X and strategy games!

Music by Mangadrive for eXplorminate

Show Notes:

5 thoughts on “Weekly eXchange # 75 – A Milestone Show

  1. Hey guys – loved your weekly exchange #75 – Rob sounded dog tired – too many hours at police academy? – Nate had more to say than normal – don’t have the reflexes of a 20 year old? – hey try a six year old these days – and want to hear more about worlds of magic – bait and switch? – great show boys ( for you older than 20 year olds that it – keep up the good work – Bruce

    On steam I’m Spartacus

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  2. Good listen as always. I was all set to hit the Planar Conquest steam page and rant about their paywall idiocy but it seems they’ve already changed their minds. Some exec probably decided to float that to see how the PC community would react. Talk about lead balloons!

    Nate, I can’t remember exactly what you said in this podcast that made me think this, but I would bet that you can do a passable Schwarzenegger accent.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon Rob!

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  3. the new master of orion is no competition for stellaris because the new MoO is a 5 year old graphical reskinned version of the old MoO2, it brings nothign to the table older games already have offered and it simplifies much stuff, small research tree etc.. …. stellaris just offers so much in such a huge scope and so much innovation or unique features in many aspects, the new MoO just pales against it.



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