Falling Stars: War of Empires Announcement

Greetings fellow 4X fans. Riveted Games and Lock ‘n Load Publishing have announced that Falling Stars: War of Empires will be coming out April 26th!


Falling Stars: War of Empires puts you in control of how the game is played by offering unlimited customization. From the game length to victory conditions, and even fleet sizes, you can play games that last 30 minutes, or 30 days.

Here are a few examples of how customization plays a key role:

  • Choose from multiple game variants
  • Adjustable victory points
  • Asymmetrical starting points, from zero advancement to jumping into the middle of a game
  • Highly configurable galaxy size
  • Adjustable galaxy resources, which increases or decreases the amount of resources on all planets
  • Adjustable tech advancement rate
  • Adjustable planet density in the galaxy
  • Configure how far away the empires starting points are
  • Set how many victory points certain actions are worth
Don’t be afraid of the bug!


10 thoughts on “Falling Stars: War of Empires Announcement

  1. I’ve just watched a gameplay showcase. It does look like a tabletop game rather than a 4X game. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but it probably won’t appeal to me as I love playing in huge maps. The combat system seems pretty bad (read simplistic) too. It does seem to have interesting mechanics and providing it isn’t launched riddled with bugs I can see a place on the market for that game.
    Best of luck to the devs.

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    1. Hey, I’m the developer of the game and just wanted to say thanks for the feedback. My game is definitely a niche within a niche, so it’s good to know the initial impressions people get so I can better explain what it is (and what it isn’t). I’m hoping that even though it’s different than other 4x games out there, people will appreciate it at least after trying the demo :)

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  2. Looks interesting actually, the UI is a bit simplistic but the game itself looks like a new idea, something along the lines of what I’ve wanted for ages, where individual ships are so numerous that you are not so sensitive to losses. You get actual fleets and your planets can be developed to the point where your shipyards can pump out huge numbers without any artificial limitations on numbers.

    I am looking forwards to giving this one a try.



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