The XX Show #3: Old Games Rebooted

Join Nate and Troy as they discuss some great older titles that they’d like to see rebooted. Based on a previously posted question from XX #1, the guys talk about 4X gaming in general, but also devote much of this episode to which other Strategy and RPG titles they’d like to see return. Additionally, they speculate on why some titles have not been brought back to life yet.

eXplorminate Music by MangaDrive

Show Notes:

14 thoughts on “The XX Show #3: Old Games Rebooted

  1. Just a quick correction. The original colonization game came out in 1994 not 1993 like I thought. Also it only had four factions not 5; I mistakenly thought the Portuguese were included in the game. Thus we see the dangers of speaking extemporaneously instead of researching this stuff ahead of time LOL!


      1. I don’t think it would work for a poll. It was, “What was the last game you bought that you felt was ‘complete’ at launch?” It’s not really multiple choice, unfortunately. Thanks anyway, Rob! :)


  2. After listening to you guys and just for the heck of it, I went over to GOG and picked up Deadlock, a game I had never of before. I have to say, it’s actually pretty fun!

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  3. I have to agree with Troy’s closing comment (rant? :D). Most older games aren’t as good as we remember them. The UIs were, for the most part, terrible. Post-release support was nonexistent. We were so bad at them, occasionally in no small part due to with limited hard data on internals, that beating them at all gave you a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

    As we witness more good examples of game design, UI, emergent and/or immersive storytelling, and good QA, our standards get higher. I thought Ascendancy had a pretty good UI when I first played it, for example. Now I have to qualify that with “for its time”.

    Anyway, fun show. So many memories!!

    As for your question — the most recent game I bought that I felt was “complete” would be Darkest Dungeon. I bought it on release day (not EA) and have put 40+ hours in and it did not feel like it was missing any polish, balance, or content. Honorable mentions go to Legend of Grimrock (the original, #2 is still on my GOG wishlist), the Book of Unwritten Tales, and Star Ruler 2. SR2 is in fact the only 4X game I can recall buying that didn’t feel like it desperately needed a patch or three (I’m looking at you, any Microprose game ever), an expansion or three (e.g. the last couple games in the Civilization series), or another few rounds of play testing to iron out obvious balance issues.

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  4. Seems to me that Ascendancy is one of the most underrated space 4x games. So wish someone would try to re-image that one. The races and especially the soundtrack just sucked you in. It’s a shame about The Logic Factory. I never could quite figure out what those guys were doing all these years.


  5. Good show guys. Thanks for mentioning Imperium Galactica 2.
    Shame Ascendancy is not on GOG. The Warlords games look good and are on GOG.

    Another old game I have recently discovered is Kohan – that deserves a re-make.

    Nostalgia is a funny thing; and definitely not objective, at all. I think in my own case what I remember is not the games so much as how they made me feel at the time. And that can involve issues in my life at the time, and how the games interacted with that. For instance the first Age of Empires got me through a difficult period. It was a refuge from an unpleasant reality. So I have very fond memories of it,
    Baldur’s Gate 2 was my first experience of really well written and presented character development and interaction and made a deep emotional impression on me.

    I dont tend to buy new releases; so I can’t answer the show question. The nearest is Skyrim, which I bought a couple of months after release. In 500+ hours I never encountered a bug of any consequence. Great game – but not an Explorminator game.


  6. All this talk about Peter Molyneux, and “God games”, and no mention of
    Dungeon Keeper 1 (1997) !?
    Unlike DK2 (1999), which is still heavily bugged (due a lot to it using the early 3D technologies), and was more Electronic Arts’ than Molyneux’ creation, and which had a fan remake in the form of War for the Overworld, DK1 is brilliant, and doesn’t really *need* a remake :


  7. IMHO the best Magic The Gathering video game (with cards or not) is still the first one, the Sid Meiers’ Microprose’s one (1997) :

    And work has resumed on Shandalar, the “Adventure” part of the game :

    Very fast progress, as in a year or so, it went from the previous programming limit of 2000 (or so?) “cards” to 9542 “cards” now!
    (including tokens and some pemanent effects having card graphics, the original game with expansions had “over 480 cards”).

    By comparison, the “Manalink” “just-the-card-duels” part of the game is nearing the 16,383 “cards” programming limit (and has plenty of game modes, though the latest versions don’t seem to support multiplayer);

    Paper Magic has 13651 (real) cards by now, though the official Online version was still missing 800 of them in 2011 (and mostly the earliest sets, that Microprose’s Magic covers!).

    And Microprose’s Magic also has “Astral” cards not seen elsewhere, with random effects :



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