Pocket Space Empire Preview

Pocket Space Empire by Silver Lemur Games has come to Steam’s Early Access! Krzysztof Koźmik (or Chris Cosmic, as he prefers) has been working on Pocket since late September of 2014. He and his team are now ready to move the game to the next level.

PSE 01 Menu

PSE is a novel take on space 4X. Rather than focus on things like tactical combat and ground invasions, the player assumes the identity of a newly cloned galactic emperor. In that role, the player delegates responsibilities to officials (or beheads them should the situation require it).

When asked about what he hopes to get out of PSE’s Early Access run, Chris replied:

“I’m really looking forward to getting feedback from players. The game is original and I can’t imagine how to finish designing it without insights from the community. I need to test it with real people and get some suggestions. 4X fans are the best at this sort of thing.

Also, I’m suffering from a little creative burnout. I have been working on PSE by myself for a long time. It would be great to have some company. It’s much easier to work on a project when there are real people who are passionate about your game encouraging you all the way.

I honestly like talking to players, especially reading their comments. It is sometimes difficult for me to reply as much as I might like since it uses up precious coding time. But I absolutely value the time I get to spend with players. I want to build a bigger community for PSE.

Finally, this will open up new resources to help improve the game. I always intended to publish on Steam, so this is just the next step in that goal. It’s much easier for people to keep PSE updated and to share their experiences with friends on Steam. I hope that people find my game compelling and get excited about it.”

PSE 02 Research

PSE’s core features include:

  • You’ll feel like an emperor, not a logistics officer or a planetary governor (audiences, imperial court, managing imperial officials, rebellions, assassination attempts)
  • An epic scale with hundreds of planets under your control that does not bog you down with boring micromanagement (and I don’t mean automated AI governors), and a late game that does not drag on
  • Asymmetrical gameplay – the AI plays by different rules than the player, races are not equal, starting conditions can differ
  • Hierarchical fleets – you do not move individual ships around but deal with entire formations.

And its minor features include:

  • You start in a galaxy that is mostly colonized, throwing you into immediate conflict
  • Optional game modes that create “scenarios.” For example, players can start with half the galaxy under their control and then try to fight off rebels and other “late start” modes
  • A storyline system (plots to overthrow the Emperor, discovering legends of ancient races, etc)
  • A unique research system (separate fields of research plus a mechanic that discourages, but does not prohibit, players from researching every single tech)

PSE will be available in late March through Steam’s Early Access program. For further information on the game, you can read our Q&A with Chris or visit PSE’s Steam Page.

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  1. This game and Imperdia 5X seems to be treading in similar territory, really focusing more on being an “emperor sim” first and foremost. It has some cross-over with Stellaris too … but these all seem to be pretty interesting takes on the genre.


  2. Reminds me of a game I played back in the early 90s on my Atari ST called “Imperium”. I recall that you played as the emperor and had to keep finding sources of “spice” or something to extend your life so you could keep conquering.


    • Yay! I’m always excited when someone remembers the ancient Imperium :) Yup, it was one of the inspirations (the personnel with 3 stats). BTW, the substance was called nostonium IIRC and you could use it also to extend life span of other characters (or to kill them by first addicting them and then withdrawing the dose).



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