Weekly eXchange #72 – Don’t Hate Me, Ben!

Join Rob and Nate as they bring you all the important information on all your favorite 4X and strategy games! This week we discuss the release of Polaris Sector, Gal Civ 3 patch 1.7, the continued coverage for Stellaris and its release date, Endless Space 2, the Master of Orion reboot, Imperia Total War: Warhammer, and much much more…

Music by MangaDrive for eXplorminate


Show Notes: 

9 thoughts on “Weekly eXchange #72 – Don’t Hate Me, Ben!

  1. aka “Behind the Golden Curtain, with your hosts Rob and Nate”

    /evil grin

    Not only did Polaris Sector come with a launch week discount and was available in a DRM-free package, but I got a “thanks for being a longtime Slitherine/Matrix customer” coupon the *day before* it launched. Coincidence? Either way, they got me hook, line, and sinker!

    If the hype train for Stellaris picks up any more speed, it is going to start going backwards in time. But I don’t think it can be helped; it just sounds (and looks!) so damn awesome.

    Enjoyable listen as usual guys, thanks!

    p.s. thanks for the update on Java M.. er.. Remnants of the Precursors. I had a minor sad when I saw the domain had gone poof and figured that another interesting indy project had bit the dust. Glad to hear it isn’t so!

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