Polaris Sector Giveaway

We’re giving away 3 copies of Polaris Sector this Sunday. Want to enter to win? All you have to do is:

  1. Be a member of our Steam group: eXplorminate
  2. Comment below with your Steam handle and let us know you want a copy

It’s that simple. 

A great, big universe awaits!
Who would’ve thought Earth would be “Earth-like”?


Enter below and check back here on Sunday around 5p EST!

149 thoughts on “Polaris Sector Giveaway

    1. Real Time 4X with a decent AI? Butter me up and roll me in breadcrumbs.

      Yes I want a copy of Polaris Sector! :)

      Lots of loving,
      MatBailie on Steam.


  1. I am Uroplatus Fimbriatus on Steam. From what you say, this game seems to be the only way to verify that Earth is “Earth-Like”, and that comes up in conversation enough it is not conducive to those of us without this knowledge.


  2. I am fololwing this game for a loong time! unfortunately i just don’t have enough money to buy it right now…my steam name is spartackus7


  3. I am hoping that we will someday see the Golden Standard of Space 4x gaming and I think that Polaris Sector may be close to that Golden Standard.

    To me that would entail:
    – A sophisticated ship design system like what SOTS and SOTS2 had
    – Awesome tactical combat that requires careful though
    – The story line and technology tree provoke though (The way Alpha Centauri did)
    – Races are distinct in play style and ship design
    – In depth empire management and economy (not just pure combat)
    – Interesting side aspects (like managing espionage and the race for “unique” buildings)
    – A unique and complex diplomacy system
    – An intelligent AI
    – Awesome graphics (ideally multi platform) and ideally the ability to support multi-GPU set ups

    I think that Polaris has that potential for sure.



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