GalaCollider Announcement

NeoCrux, Ltd. is proud to announce the first “Open Alpha Weekend” for their new game, GalaCollider.


GalaCollider is a multi-platform hybrid space 4X with a collectible-card game, real-time and strategic elements. Billions of years from now, The Milky Way and the Andromeda galaxies are are slowly colliding. Humanity is just trying to survive on an ever changing star-map through the usual means, combat. Watch as your cards transform into 3D models in this rich universe full of backstory and more.

As in any good 4X, players will be able to eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate throughout the galaxy. However, like Hearthstone or other digital card games, there is also deck-building that allows players to construct their deck by selecting from among various alien factions.


Anyone got a deck of cards?

GalaCollider is conceived as an expandable card game with predetermined sets of new cards released at regular intervals – no random packs to be purchased.

With a constantly evolving star map, an ongoing narrative based on the results of actual play, and regular additions of expansion packs and add-on decks, GalaCollider looks to offer a dynamic and engaging universe for players to conquer.  


Damn those gun batteries.

“The GalaCollider Open Alpha Weekend starts March 18th – March 20th for PC and Mac. The development team will be streaming matches on their Official Twitch Channel during the event.

Are you ready to conquer the final frontier?


Anyone got a deck of cards?

Sign up here and learn more”

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