Weekly eXchange #70 – Droolin’ for Star Rulin’

Join Rob and Nate as they bring you all the important information on all your favorite 4X and strategy games! This week, we have good Star Ruler 2 news, a StarDrive 2: Sector Zero update, the continued coverage for Stellaris, Endless Space 2, the Master of Orion reboot and much much more…

Music by MangaDrive for eXplorminate


Show Notes:

11 thoughts on “Weekly eXchange #70 – Droolin’ for Star Rulin’

  1. I like Star Ruler 2 for many of the things it does, but I’m not a fan of its approach to scale. It has a clever ship design system, but it becomes largely irrelevant as soon as you realize that the size of your design is what matters the most, by far. With few exceptions, a well designed ship of size n cannot hope to defeat a poorly designed ship of size 2n. So if you’re doing poorly in combat, the solution is almost always “make it bigger”, not “make it better”. I feel tighter restraints on ship sizes could have gotten around that somewhat.


  2. Re: SR2 — awesome news! I could have sworn that the SR2 team had disbanded due to poor sales, but I’m happy to hear otherwise — a friend and I bought it on GOG (blatant plug!) when it came out and enjoyed it immensely once we got the hang of it. Solid multiplayer and some very interesting, original gameplay makes it a solid keeper in my book.

    Enjoyed the rest of the podcast as well, thanks guys!


  3. One thing that worries me about ES2’s diplomacy system is that it risks becoming too invasive. If it starts mucking up how you engage with the other aspects of the game, I think it may turn players off. Having a nice, deep system there to use optionally is fine. Having to run every decision you make through diplomatic considerations is tiresome and restrictive, I feel. I hope I’m over-analyzing Amplitude’s design document on this matter, but I fear that in their attempt to make a better diplomacy system, they may have inadvertently created a monster.


  4. I look forward to the Weekly Exchange, please keep them coming!

    So… more cool Endless Legend stuff you can’t talk about. Shocking.

    Whatever happened to ‘Stars in Shadow’? Seems to have fallen off the map.

    I’m thinking of trying ‘Star Ruler 2’, or ‘Star Drive 2’ or ‘Polaris Sector’. How about a comparison between these three?

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  5. Speaking of ‘Stars in Shadow’ I just checked out their forum. Has not had a ‘state of the game’ update since February 2015 – 13 months ago. Can you please check with that developer to see if that game is alive or not?

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    1. I’d suggest you set your ‘watch’ page to the news page, seems to get updated more often than the forums. News links to podcasts, previews, etc. Maybe they should auto-crosspost the news to their forums..?


  6. Space 4X games that have come out fairly recently, are getting updated or are scheduled to come out this year:

    Star Drive 2
    Star Ruler 2
    Stars in Shadow
    Master of Orion
    Master of Rigel
    Endless Space 2
    Polaris Sector

    That’s EIGHT Space 4X games to pick from. Yikes. It’s a good thing we have Explorminate to keep up on all this for us!



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