Lord Of Rigel Announcement

Logo Lord of Rigel

Iceberg Interactive is proud to announce that they have signed on as publishers of Rhombus Studios’ Lord of Rigel: Shape the Galaxy, expected Quarter 4, 2016. A turn-based 4X game, LoR is set in a galaxy locked in a cold war between the upstart races and their elder counterparts. Players will be able to discover new enemies and future allies as they eXplore the galaxy. Grow their empire and eXpand their control. Influence alliances as they eXploit friendships. Ascend to victory and eXterminate opponents as well as everything else that the universe might throw their way… Or not. LoR promises players will be able to achieve their goals using research, espionage and, of course, military might. After all, there is more than one way to “skin a Katraxi.”

Rhombus Studios’ James and Adam Rorabaugh have been working on this (their first) title for quite some time. We’ve had a Q&A session as well as some Alpha footage of the game in the past.

About their new partnership with Iceberg Interactive, the founders had this to say,

“Rhombus Studios is excited to have secured a future for Lord of Rigel by partnering with Iceberg Interactive. They are the ideal publisher for Lord of Rigel, because they understand how small studios work and have a deep understanding and love of strategy games. Our core gameplay and immersive universe combined with Iceberg’s industry experience and keen eye for detail will take Lord of Rigel to the next level and create a franchise that players can enjoy for many years to come.”

Screenshot 4

We’ve got work to do.

Lords of Rigel will feature:

  • 10 playable races
  • Multiple end-game win conditions
  • Deep diplomatic and espionage gameplay
  • Real-time fleet combat
  • Grand menaces and unique minor factions

Bird bird bird, bird is the word!

Lord of Rigel promises all this and more. So, come check it out and don’t forget to leave your questions in the comments section.


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      • True, and I’m not going to knock the system until I try it, it just seems like every game that’s been featured for the past few months, X-Com 2 excepted, is either Real Time combat or just full-on RTS. It’s getting frustrating. I’d like at least one game to look forward to.


  1. Very happy to hear this! Been looking forward to LoR for a while now. It’s one of my most-anticipated strategy games of the coming year.


  2. Yay! Been following LoR for quite some time and was afraid that the kickstarter failure might derail things, glad to see that they’ve found a publisher, and a good one at that.


  3. I’m in anticipation for this game. I looked at the screenshots on the Steam page, and was rather pleased with the UI. You’d be surprised how much the UI makes or breaks a strategy game for me.



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