StarDrive 2: Sector Zero Giveaway

We’re giving away 5 copies of StarDrive 2: Sector Zero this Sunday. Want to enter to win? All you have to do is:

  1. Be a member of our Steam group: eXplorminate
  2. Comment below with your Steam handle and let us know you want a copy

It’s that simple. 

Hexes! Lots o’ hexes!
A new, more simplified ground combat system!

Did you like StarDrive 2? Maybe you mostly did, but thought it could use more hexes, deep-space construction, UI refinement, a ground-combat overhaul and many, many more improvements? Well, you’re in luck! Sector Zero releases today and with it comes all of the aforementioned upgrades and many more bug fixes and more content. Hell, here’s a quick list:


  • New Hex-tile Strategy Map, with deep space terrain features like nebulae, wreckage fields, and more
  • New Deep Space Construction mechanics that will allow you to fortify sectors with battle stations and economic buildings
  • Three new ways to win the game
  • Dozens of new quests, anomalies, technologies, and events
  • Overhauled ground combat
  • Improved UI and AI
  • Increased Galaxy Size options

Here are the other patch notes. I was pretty bad about keeping patch notes so some stuff that’s been fixed is not listed here. Lots of small fixes in addition to these bigger things:

  • Added a new Victory Conditions screen which will show your progress towards beating the game
  • Added a new scoring system and a new Score victory, which will grant victory to the player with the highest score total at the end of 1000 turns. This game length value is configurable in the config file if you want a longer or shorter game.
  • Fallout Radiation now dissipates more slowly
  • The AI will trade for more techs among themselves, with an emphasis on getting shields if they didn’t already have them
  • The AI will not research future techs while there are still regular techs left to research. previously they could, at times, head too deep into the future tech while ignoring potentially more helpful regular tech
  • Increased the frequency that the AI will refit its ships
  • Placed the “Max Systems” count number in the game config file, allowing you to crank up the number of star systems to whatever you want. Note that this may choke your computer to death with space tentacles if you go too high. Default is 100 for vanilla and 200 for the expansion.
  • Limited the number of carriers an AI empire will build, to assist in them getting a more diverse fleet that is less system-crushing in huge battles
  • Changed the particle FX on heavy rockets because large numbers of rockets could stress graphics cards
  • Refactored all projectile code for increased performance and a lesser strain on the physics engine
  • Increased the penalties to production and research for having an unhappy populace, and slightly increased the penalty to happiness imposed by overcrowding. The goal of this change is to encourage pursuit of a wider empire, as I think Tall empires currently have an edge
  • The AI will now potentially make peace with one another after a prolonged war
  • The Znodforce One now has power!
  • Experimental technologies now have a cost multiplier the further down the tree they are
  • The MegaHospital building will now rapidly heal troops when out of combat. Otherwise, troops stationed at a planet will heal 5 hp per turn.
  • AI players will contact the player with offers and demands less frequently now, as it could get a bit annoying
  • Nuclear Bombs have had their effectiveness versus troops reduced
  • Fixed an issue where ships capable of exterminating your populace were not using their bio-terminators
    fixed issue with leaders killed in manual combat remaining in the leader screen
  • (Expac Only) Many tweaks and changes have been made to the auto-combat calculator after manually playing battles and consistently winning, and then consistently seeing losses in the auto-calculator. The following changes have helped normalize those results:
  • Fixed an issue with the auto-combat calculator that set the cutoff for long range weapons at 600m. I lowered this to 500m, so weapons such as heavy rockets will be considered long-range weapons for auto combats.
  • Reduced the effectiveness of fighters at the long-range and mid-range phases of the auto-combat calculator.
  • Increased the odds of killing a fighter in the close range combat phase of the calculation
  • Point Defense weapons will mitigate damage received, with reduced effectiveness at closer ranges
  • Reduced the variance in damage that could be taken from ship to ship; ships will now be guaranteed to take a relatively equal portion of damage relative to the number of ships in fleet, with a +/- 30% variation possible
  • Corvettes and Frigates each receive a sizeable damage mitigation bonus during long and medium range combat phases

Quite the list! Enter below and check back here on Sunday around 5p EST!

86 thoughts on “StarDrive 2: Sector Zero Giveaway

  1. Just started playing StarDrive 2 and I like it. Sector Zero looks like an actual expansion Woot!
    Steam name is trucnar


  2. Longtime lurker here. I’ve been wanting to try out this DLC but it’s between this and the new MOO game atm. Keep up the great work! Steam id S1ngular1ty



  3. Steam name: GermanDad

    played some time with SD2 already but couldn’t get a real touch to it.
    hope it gets better with the expansion so i can enjoy it like i hoped i could.


  4. Well, at least this finally reminded me to sign up to the Steam Group. Now I just need to find the time to actually join discussions there.
    I’m sure I’m in the same boat as many others: I got Stardrive 1, and liked it, but was frustrated with bugs and missing optimization and features (it turned into a slideshow on my computer in the late game, thanks to the massive AI fleets). I got Stardrive 2, and liked it, but was frustrated by some badly executed features (e.g. ground battles, autoresolve), bugs, and the still missing multiplayer.
    So now, I want to see if the expansion fixes some of those issues, but I am not quite willing to spend some of my currently tight gaming budget on it.
    So, sign me up. The Cat o Nine Tales on Steam.


  5. Steam name Hstio. I’m interested in seeing if the doc will give the game enough to push through the hundred hours played mark.


  6. I’ve been following the site for a little while, and like what I’ve been seeing/hearing. I’ve already got Star Drive 2, but would like to get a copy of the Sector Zero DLC and give it a spin.


  7. What is the point of a gaming community if we dont warn members away from bad developers like Zero. You folks know perfectly well how SD1 & SD2 were dyfunctional and incomplete upon release and how those problems were blamed on the fans by the developer. Shame upon you and your house as it were.


    1. I think you have a point, but at the same time, you are wrong. Some people are unhappy, but many are not. Many people enjoyed and still enjoy the titles. If we only wrote about those that we like, it would be a very small amount of games that get coverage. We have several threads on the forums where people vent their frustrations, and we know that Dan lurks in. So who knows, we might even have an impact on the game getting patched.

      That’s what eXplorminate is about.


    1. Zero is my Hero!

      HAHA! In Xero’s fantasies maybe

      I’m Spartacus and will lead the revolt of the gladiators against Zero’s tyranny!



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