The XX Show #2: Fantasy in 4X

Join Nate and Troy as they discuss fantasy in the 4X genre. They talk about 4X gaming in general, but focus much of this episode on fantasy 4X, its history, its current state, and its future and why there aren’t all that many fantasy 4X titles on the way.

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Show Notes:

7 thoughts on “The XX Show #2: Fantasy in 4X

  1. Great show guys!

    Good question at the end, it really got me thinking. The only one mechanic I can think of that I really didn’t like, was auto-trading. An example would be Endless Space. You had to be in an alliance of some sort, or have a non-aggression pact to trade with a race, and it would just trade with stars closest to you. I like the idea you have to build trade ships, or trade caravans to trade. This makes it so you have to protect the trade routes, rather then not have to worry about it at all.

    Another thing I wish to never see, is Horizon’s planetary management. Boy that was just a mess and unnecessarily confusing. I won’t go into details, but I’ve never seen such a bad system for planetary management.

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  2. Thanks for the pod! As for the question it´s easy. A mechanic I would never want to see again is of course Civilization 5´s global happiness system. It is so much simpler and less interesting than previous Civ games city based happiness and health systems that worked together with a corruption system. As I recall there was a global corruption that made you loose income instead, that increased with the size of your empire and distances to your capital. That felt much less annoying and did not stop you from conquering the world.

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  3. gamling there has much the right of it. the civ V global happiness and the beyond earth health mechanic (same thing really) are both absurd. I like creating empires in 4x; not burning 90% of cities i conquer to the ground and salting the earth. Sadly that mechanic massively encourages the creation of a global wasteland over that of an empire.

    Even if it is a little bit appropriate when playing as the assyrians.

    The best anti city-spam mechanic ive ever come across is the colony system from sword of the stars1, whereby newly founded colonies where a net drain on your resources until they were fully built up and consolidated (same with newly conquered ones). This put a soft limit on “city spam” without effecting maximum empire size, by only targetting growth rate.


  4. I was a bit disappointed that Nate insisted on jumping straight from 1994 (Master of Magic) to 2015.
    I was hoping for more history of the Fantasy 4X genre as the subtitle promised.
    You guys have already covered in a lot of depth the games of 2015.
    Maybe one day you will do a real history of the Fantasy 4X genre show


      1. Hi Nate

        Your message about WeX not being right for a history podcast seems to be based misunderstanding my initial comment

        I did not make such a suggestion

        My comment about doing a podcast about the history of fantasy 4x was not made in reply to a WeX podcast. It was made in reply to an XX podcast which promised in the description to be about the history of fantasy 4x – but wasn’t.

        Obviously I was not suggesting you do such a history on a WeX podcast which deals with current news. I never made such a suggestion. Your private message to me was based on the presumption I had suggested using WeX to do it. But I didn’t.

        I only suggested doing a real history podcast – presuming you might do it on an XX podcast

        But if you do it do it wherever seems best to you




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