Thea: The Awakening – Giants Exclusive

What’s better than getting a DLC for a lauded game of the year? Getting a FREE DLC for a lauded game of the year! We’ve already announced Muha Games’ DLC entitled “Return of the Giants” but now we can actually show it to you. eXplorminate is the exclusive outlet for Thea: Return of the Giants, … Continue reading Thea: The Awakening – Giants Exclusive

StarDrive 2: Sector Zero Review

In 2015, a massive wave of space-based 4X games crashed ashore with the release of StarDrive 2, Star Ruler 2, and Galactic Civilizations 3. 2016 is poised for an even bigger tsunami. Polaris Sector was released in March and the Master of Orion reboot hit Early Access back in February. And soon enough, Stellaris and … Continue reading StarDrive 2: Sector Zero Review

Thea: The Awakening – Giant Giveaway!

This week, we’ll be featuring a giveaway for a game that caught us by surprise last year: our reigning Game of the Year! We're giving away 4 copies of Thea: The Awakening in preparation for its upcoming free DLC “Giants.” If you’d like to enter and win, all you have to do is: Be a member … Continue reading Thea: The Awakening – Giant Giveaway!