Weekly eXchange #68 – Master of Orion: Conquers The Stars?

Join Rob and Nate as they bring you all the important information on all your favorite 4X and strategy games! This week, they keep talking about the Endless Space 2 Game Design Documents, the latest Stellaris Dev Diary, all the Master of Orion coverage, Java MOO changes and much much more.

Music by MangaDrive for eXplorminate

Show Notes:


7 thoughts on “Weekly eXchange #68 – Master of Orion: Conquers The Stars?

  1. Only a few minutes into this and I’m freaking out already. Exploration is my favorite part of ANY game. If ES2 keeps it alive thought the whole game I will love it.

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    1. Hehe, between Stellaris, Endless Space 2 and Master of Orion, I think 2016 will be known in the history of 4x as the Year of Heart Attacks.


  2. WeX #68 Notes
    Plenty of news this week! And we get a new Master of Orion…

    0:00 – Intro, music by Mangadrive


    0:53 – Master of Orion

    Big news to any strategy fans. Master of Orion is here. There’s been a whole lot of activity around this game here at eXplorminate in the past couple of days and they have also announced the Steam Early Access launch date to the end of this week. Listen to Rob as he talks about his experience with the pre-alpha game and assures everyone that they are very responsive to user feedback.

    We are also promised a whole lot of coverage from eXplorminate on this title. Exciting, exciting, days ahead! Master of Orion folks. Seriously, it’s Master of Orion. One more time so that it really sinks in in case you are distracted; We are going to have a new true Master of Orion game from the folks that own the intellectual property to the game.

    3:34 – Java MOO (Now, Remnants of the Precursors)

    Java MOO, the Master of Orion remake on Java, gets a rename. Imirak, one of our community members, is the man behind Java MOO. Recently he’s been in contact with Wargamming to make sure he can keep working on his labor of love without infringing on any copyright. He got a green light from Wargamming. Listen to Rob and Nate explain what has to be changed and what can stay the same. It’s wonderful news in fact! Check it out.

    5:56 – Endless Space 2

    Game Dev Diary #3 – Galaxy and Exploration is out. And it is a big one! Nate summarizes it nicely for us and Rob follow through with his thoughts. The changes to the original Endless Space are obvious and these dev diaries are leaving everyone very excited. You must listen to our hosts and then go check that dev diary. Awesome stuff!

    10:40 – Stellaris

    From Stellaris, we have the Game Dev Diary #21 – Administrative Sectors. Nate explains this very important dev diary for the exciting upcoming space grand strategy game from Paradox. Somewhat based on Crusader Kings 2 mechanics and mostly oriented towards minimizing micro-management, this is one of the most important dev diaries released to date.Nate gets into detail. You must listen. And then go check it out.

    13:35 – Predestination

    This upcoming title got a new big update. Rob and Nate discuss it. Go listen to them!

    15:28 – Pandora: First Contact

    There’s a new big patch. Ail, one of our community members, is largely responsible for many of the fixes. Rob is highly impressed and recommends the game. Go listen to him and Nate talk about it.

    17:20 – Star Drive 2

    The Sector Zero expansion is basically done the team is just deciding on the release date.

    17:54 – Shallow Space

    This upcoming title, currently in Early Access, got a big change to gameplay. Nate explains it in detail. And the news are actually very good! Go listen to him!

    20:00 – Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak

    There’s a new patch for this excellent RTS game. eXplorminate did a review on the game not long ago.

    20:37 – Battle Brothers

    Battle Brothers is a turn based strategy RPG mix, with tactical elements to combat, that is currently in Early Access and which just got a new update. Rob and Nate introduce this upcoming game to us. You should listen. They also promise it will be featured in an upcoming article here at eXplorminate.

    22:55 – Last Days of Old Earth

    The Q&A for this upcoming title will come out on Tuesday here on eXplorminate. This staff keeps showering us with these pearls directly from the developers mouths. I can’t think of a better place to stay for 4x and strategy related coverage!

    23:10 – Battle Zone

    The old and venerable Battle Zone is getting a remastered edition! Oh my! Go listen to Rob, a big fan of the game, talking about it. Nate joins in with some cool news about a similar game he’s been following on twitter. Must listen!

    25:55 – What games have you been playing

    Nate has been playing Endless Legend. There’s a new upcoming update to the game that he has got his hands on already (he’s a VIP there) and he says it is very good, but can’t talk about it yet (ed: what’s with with these companies and their secrecy? Updates too? For pete’s sake!). Nate has been also on Armello and XCOM 2.

    Rob has been playing that game he hasn’t been able to talk about for some time. But now he can. And it was Master of Orion! And he talks a good while about his experience with the game. Must listen! He’s been also on Polaris Sector and he’s very impressed with it (and the game AI surprised him!).

    31:38 – Upcoming features

    Rob talks a bit about what to expect next at eXplorminate. From coverage of released games to upcoming titles, there’s plenty of stuff lined up for us. Must listen!

    32:58 – See you next week

    And that’s it for this week. Rob and Nate say bye and we say see ya soon.

    33:07 – The End. Music by Mangadrive

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  3. Another great show guys.

    Between this, your game of the year discussion and the Master of Orion interview it’s been like Christmas in terms of content over the past few days. :)

    Nate mentioned an RTS / first person hybrid game like Battlezone. Is Warshift the game you were referring to? I’ve had my eye on that one since it appeared on Steam but haven’t taken the plunge yet. Looks pretty nice though.



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