Let’s Try Master of Orion

The Bulrathi are here to save you from yourself.

Click on me for the video

Come one, come all, as we share gameplay in our very first Let’s Try of Master of Orion! Just enough gameplay to whet your appetite and get you excited for the Early Access start on Friday, the 26th!

If you have any questions still lingering, don’t hesitate to ask as we’ll be answering questions AND Wargaming staff will be here to provide official answers, too!

7 thoughts on “Let’s Try Master of Orion

  1. The website isn’t recognizing the format. I tried to embed it a few different ways. I’ll update the post as soon as I see that it’s working, meanwhile, I left a link in there. Sorry for that.


  2. Really enjoyed the video! I like what I see so far, better than what I thought at least. I agree though, I like the star-lanes and the ability to build space factories and such.

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  3. Thanks for the video,Rob! It was nice to hear your obvious enthusiasm. I think I share almost all of your conclusions about the game, having watched its development since at least June. I am a little more than surprised, though, to hear you call WG “responsive”–I doubt many on the English-speaking forum would agree with that assessment.


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