Strategic eXpanse #25 – 2015 GotY Edition – Thea: The Awakening

Listen to Rob, Nate, Troy and Brittany discuss eXplorminate’s candidates for 2015 Game of the Year: StarDrive 2, Star Ruler 2, Galactic Civilizations III, Sorcerer King and Thea: The Awakening. They analyze why the eventual winner was picked and what they’re looking forward to next year!

Music by MangaDrive for eXplorminate


5 thoughts on “Strategic eXpanse #25 – 2015 GotY Edition – Thea: The Awakening

  1. 1.
    I went and took a look at steam stats for Thea: the Awakening and the numbers of really low. It is a shame but it may be a result of the issue pointed out by Nate that the game ends up becoming repetitive and there is nothing much that can be considered new after one goes through a few playthroughs. Like Britanny, that doesn’t bother me much. I engage with games at a different level that does not always require replayability as we usually understand it. But it may have affected the game for the larger part of the population. Let’s hope the Giants DLC will give Thea a new awakening. At least for a little while longer.

    I haven’t played the game. But everything I heard from it and the LPs I have followed for sure justify this award. And I’m still very supportive of that decision. It was indeed an intelligent game that tries to tackle exactly some of the need for innovation in the 4x genre that we have been debating for some time. It is however a game that narrows down its appeal, exactly because it tries to do something new. So, It is understandable that in the 4x community not everyone agrees with it.

    Endless Space II is also my bet for the upcoming 2016 GOTY. Amplitude is taking a lot of what they learned from Endless Legend and putting it into ES2. This means a Space 4x with a tremendous sense of atmosphere, awesomely beautiful, a truly unique and imaginative lore, and with, hopefully, the criticisms directed towards ES2 and EL2 dealt with. Stellaris, while a giant in its own terms coming from the mother of all strategy studios, doesn’t seem will carry that much of an emotional charge among players. Stellaris will probably be superior in its mechanics, but won’t be able to carry the emotions that a game done by Amplitude Studios usually does.


    1. Yeah, I’m definitely looking forward to the Giants DLC. I got about 130 hours in Thea by early January, but I haven’t played it much since then. I’ve seen all it had at that time. I feel I’ll probably log in another 20-30 hours once the Giants DLC hits.

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