Master Of Orion – Conquer The Stars: Coming Soon

So, Feb 26th is coming up quick. Wargaming’s new Master of Orion game is about to launch on Steam Early Access and we here at eXplorminate could not be more excited. Take a look for yourselves.

Who will you guide to dominance of the universe? Well, if you like advanced science and peaceful ways, perhaps you’ll consider the Psilons – known throughout the galaxy as the gentle scientists.


On the other hand, if you prefer war, the Bulrathi shall spread their message through force – your enemies are nothing compared to the importance of preserving the environment! They are the caretakers of the universe.


Or maybe you’d like to lead the Alkari. They have not forgotten the yoke of their masters and are ready for any encounter. Especially with those pesky Mrrshan or sneaky Darloks.


The universe is a dangerous place, filled with opportunity – both for epic success and horrible failure. Who will you take to the stars and beyond?


Whoever you lead, had better be ready and bring lots of ships, or friends, or friends on ships. Okay, that should be enough to face anything…


No, really.. WHAT is that?!?!?! I don’t know, but a show of arms can’t be all that bad.


So, let’s prepare to eXplore space, eXpand your borders as you grow an empire, eXploit your resources and people as you mount an offensive and maybe even eXterminate your foes. Though, we could always join forces and create a federation to elect a galactic leader… or not!

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  1. Yes, we have a Let’s Try that will go up soon. Our main twitch guy is on leave, and Rob is way too busy for the next couple of months. I’ve been looking for a new addition that will twitch.. a lot.


  2. well I did not realize it was in alpha and early access – but to their credit they are being honest about it
    I am positive I will buy it but it may not be right away – thanks e4x for all the insight regardless.

    I’m Spartacus


  3. Going to wait for a bit more polish on gameplay and next steam sale in early summer :P .. Game will never be an old MOO reboot but will sure spark some memories from original. Game will surely aim its goals towards multiplayer .. we will see.



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