Wargaming.net announced today that their reboot of Master of Orion will be available in Early Access form for those that purchase the Collector’s Edition starting February 26th. Alongside that announcement, they released a new video showing the AAA voice acting that’s present in the game and revealed what appears to be real-time combat and a new race, the Terran Khanate.

MoO Combat
Real-time combat appears to be shown, with rather high production values.

(Currently, the video is not able to be viewed on YouTube, but you can see it here on their Facebook account)

Meet the Terran Khanate!

We’ll be interviewing Chris Keeling, Director of Product Vision at Wargaming.net this weekend, so keep an eye out for that podcast early in the week!


  1. The final game will show if this is just an expensive PR stunt for early cash in or if the game is really a true successor/reboot. If the game is good, ok, nice to have this voices, if the game is just medicore then they should have spent the money for the actual game.

    I didn’t see much of the game so fare to judge, hope to see real ingame footage after the 26. to get a better picture, because i’m still sceptical.


  2. The pausable real-time combat is what did it for me, when they officially announced it a few weeks ago. I was hoping for a well done TB tactical combat. It’s not that I’m an MoO purist, it is just that this how I enjoy to play space combat.

    I’m just probably getting old and cranky. But I honestly still cannot see anything in this reboot that interests me. Other than Stellaris and Endless Space 2, there two other space games that I am really excited about and crossing my fingers everything goes well with them: Polaris Sector and Stars in Shadow.

    But this MoO reboot… I just don’t know, It’s not shinning on me like the aforementioned games.


      • I know what you mean. Till now all we get is bla bla bla and some pictures but it looks all bland to me. I read a little bit at their homepage. They intend to limit the building queue to 5 slots and make it clunky as 20 years ago. But otherwise streamline and try to trim it new.
        Real time combat well done could be fine for me, when i still get alot of tactical options, special systems and counters but the 3 seconds of real combat footage looked slugish and boring as hell.
        Well EA will show what it’s all about.


  3. About the post. I have high doubts, that the Real-time combat really looks like the picture you posted. I guess only the 2 seconds at 1:06 show real ingame combat footage and 2:50 is rather a cut scene.



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