Join Rob and Nate as they bring you all the important information on all your favorite 4X and strategy games! This week, they keep talking about the Endless Space 2 Game Design Documents, the latest Stellaris Dev Diary, the new XX podcast, the Master of Orion reboot, game features hidden behind pre-order paywalls and much much more…

Music by MangaDrive for eXplorminate

Show notes:


  1. WeX #67 Notes
    They named it Money, money, money. Maybe there is some left when they are finished!

    0:00 – Intro, music by Mangadrive


    0:53 – Endless Space 2

    Our Amplitude experts Rob and Nate are going to start covering Endless Space 2 in more depth and are starting by going back to some of the already released Game Dev Diaries (GDD); This week, Game Dev Diary #2 – Overview. They sum it up quite nicely and they promise us in-depth coverage of the whole game development period. So go listen to this one and then go check the dev diaries yourself.

    If you are a 4x fan, and especially if you are a space 4x fan, Endless Space 2 Dev Diaries are just something you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget Amplitude is a company with a very open relationship with its community. So you may even want to join Games2gether if you haven’t already. Your ideas and opinions will be heard and discussed at large. And you even get to vote on game features.

    Game Dev Diary (GDD) #2 – Overview

    5:20 – Stellaris

    Dev Diary #20 – War and Peace is out. Listen to our hosts as they discuss their opinion of it and then go check it out yourself.

    Dev Diary #20 – War and Peace
    List of Developer Diaries:

    8:35 – Galactic Civilizations III

    The Mercenaries expansion is out tomorrow (from this post date). Rob isn’t very happy and he goes into some detail as to why. It ends becoming an impromptu review of the expansion that you may not want to miss before you commit your money to it. So go listen to it.

    Mercenaries Expansion:
    Steam Page:

    12:21 – Master of Orion

    There’s a new dev diary called Empire Defense that has just been released. Nate sums it up nicely. He is starting to become excited about the game and Rob joins in agreement. A must listen.

    Dev Diary, Empire Defense:

    16:48 – Last Days of Old Earth

    Rob discusses it and announces a Q&A for soon at the eXplorminate website. It’s a game with some 4x elements, but it is mostly a combat oriented turn-based strategy game, lacking some of the Xs. So go listen to what he has to say.

    Steam Early Access:

    18:53 – Total War: Warhammer

    The upcoming game now has a developer blog which gets into detail about some of the game features and races. Nate clarifies some of the doubts you may have about this game. Particularly what part of the Warhammer lore you can expect on this game early on. They also have a few not so nice things to say about this game pre-order model. Overall, a must listen!

    Total War: Wharhammer Blog:

    22:23 – Chaos Reborn

    Chaos Reborn has a new Patch, update 1.5, that adds new spells and social ranks. Nate gets into detail about it.

    v1.5 Release Notes:

    25:00 – Battlefleet Gothic: Armada

    Rob and Nate promise they will start covering this upcoming title more closely, after a few requests from the eXplorminate community. The gameplay video already released is just one the most amazing RTS action-packed videos ever released in the genre. And one of the most beautiful. It’s leaving quite a few people intensely excited. Rightfully so.

    Gameplay Trailer:

    26:15 – The XX Show

    There’s a new feature show at eXplorminate website, the XX Show (aka eXtemporaneous eXplorations). The first podcast was very successful and generated quite the debate within the community. You can check it out on the link below. Nate and Rob talk about this new featured show, what is its purpose and what to expect in the future. Go listen!

    The XX Show #1 – Master of Orionitis:

    28:40 – What Have You Been Playing

    And so we get to the usual column. Other than XCOM 2, which is the obvious answer (he is close to post his review of it), Nate has been on Endless Legend too. Rob has also been on XCOM 2 and Polaris Sector. Go listen to them as they also have a lot of interesting things to say about the games they have been playing. Polaris Sector gets this week focus.

    XCOM 2 on Steam:
    Endless Legend on Steam:
    Polaris Sector on Steam:

    37:26 – See you next week

    And that’s it for this week. Rob and Nate say bye and we say see ya soon.

    37:42 – The End. Music by Mangadrive

    Support eXplorminate:

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  2. Quoting myself from the Stardock forums’ thread:
    “False, there have been threads both here and on the Steam forums asking for heroes. As well as plenty of posts in the wishlist thread.”

    The AI is using mercenaries, hell even the minors hire mercenaries. Maybe they could use them better but they are using them.

    Played a little bit of Chaos Reborn, I find rather fun. The illusions are an interesting mechanic.


    • I think, if you wait long enough, people can ask for about anything. I’m pretty sure anyone saying there hasn’t been any requests for heroes, knows there have been requests for heroes. The real question however is, how relevant those requests were compared to other player requests? Were they so few as to become irrelevant in the face of much bigger issues like starbases and ground combat?

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  3. Another great show, love listening to you two!

    And I agree about so many games feeling unfinished these days – in fact I feel like we often buy games now and then ‘shelve them’ until the rest of the planned content is added. Whether that content is through free patches, paid DLC or full expansions doesn’t matter – a lot of us don’t really want to ‘get into’ a game until we know it is complete, but that can literally take years!

    This is quite an annoying problem, especially in the 4x genre. I think GalCiv 3 is one of the prime examples here because not only does the game feel unfinished, but we also have the roadmap of all the things we might as well wait for them to add before we start playing…

    XCOM 2 on the other hand feels like a complete game already – DLC might add some nice stuff but you won’t feel like you need it.

    As an extreme example of this unfinished release trend I just bought Street Fighter V and that game is so low on modes and content it’s almost laughable. If they had released it as an early access then fine but for £45 what you get on release is quite disgusting.

    So I think this topic would be great for one of your new XX features – the fact that we often spend more time waiting for games to be finished than actually playing them.

    Thanks again for creating such a great site – I always look forward to new content here, more than anywhere else.



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