Weekly eXchange

Weekly eXchange #66 – Endless Info

Here we go again, as Rob and Nate bring you all the important information on all your favorite 4X and strategy games! This week, they talk about the Endless Space 2 Game Design Documents, something that they haven’t covered as much in depth, but they plan to rectify that.

Music by MangaDrive for eXplorminate


Show notes:

Endless Space 2 Steam Page
Endless Space 2 Design Documents
Endless Space 1 Steam Page
Stellaris Dev Diary #19 – Diplomacy and Trade
Europa Universalis IV Steam Page
Crusader Kings 2 Steam Page
Star Control on GOG
Star Control by Stardock
Hearts of Iron 4 on Steam
Hearts of Iron Official Site
Conclave DLC for Crusader Kings 2
Paradox Interactive Official Site
Europa Universalis IV Review
Brad Wardell AMA
Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion Steam Page
Galactic Civilizations III Steam Page
4X Subreddit
GalCivIII Mercenaries Announcement
Dawn of Andromeda Announcement
Lords of the Black Sun Steam Page
Grey Wolf Entertainment Official Site
Lords of the Black Sun Review
Iceberg Interactive Official Site
Goddus Steam Page
Goddus Wars Steam Page
Worlds of Magic Steam Page
Planar Conquest Official Site
Planar Conquest on AppStore
eXplorminate YouTube Channel
eXplorminate Twitter
eXplorminate Steam Group
Nate’s Stellaris Q&A
Double X Show #1 – Master of Orionitis
Monday Modness – XCOM Longwar/XCOM2
Monday Modness – Pandora AI by Ail
Pandora: First Contact Steam Page
XCOM 2 Steam Page
2k Studios Official Site
Armello Steam Page
Endless Legend Steam Page
Polaris Sector Steam Page
Polaris Sector eXplorminate Discussion Thread



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  1. There will be a 24-48h delay with the usual notes for this weX, folks. I’m sorry for that.

    I’ve burned through my monthly plan, confident on an announced promotion that the ISP eventually backed off at the last minute and I’m only 100 Mb on my account. Even downloading the podcast to avoid unnecessary extra expenditure from streaming, it will take away 30 Mb off of that. I rather not.

    When I recharge my plan tomorrow, I’ll be fine. The good news is that I will also start posting on the Steam website a more comprehensive set of notes for the previous weX on a weekly basis.

    What this means is that when a weX is released here I will do my notes as normal, but they don’t contain many specifics of what is being discussed, exactly because I never intended for these notes to replace the need to listen to the podcast. The next week, when the next weX comes, I will then post on the steam groups a more complete transcript of the previous weX, while posting here the normal notes for the current weX.

    It came to my attention that we have at least one deaf community member. And this is the best solution I could come up with, without making the notes a replacement for listening to the actual podcast.

    Anyways, expect the notes weX #66 within the next 48h (sorry for the delay again) and the comprehensive notes for weX #65 to be posted on the steam forums at the same time. Cheers.


      • Thanks for the kind words Troy. And I understand that. But I like to see it through when I commit to something :)

        Everything is fine, thanks. Just annoyed at my ISP for not honoring their word. You know, it takes a whole lot of time to get used to Africa. And on some things, I don’t think I ever will. The level of irresponsibility is sometimes appalling. As well as the lack of actual legal mechanisms that protect you. Throttling, overcharging, and these type of situations are common here. And it doesn’t help when the corrupt system includes the family of the president owning the largest shares on the telecommunications companies. And let me tell you, no one talks about net neutrality here, either. There is nothing to talk about, if you get my meaning.

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  2. Great podcast guys! I love the poll question you put up too. Don’t know if you forgot about it, but Real-Time strategic is one too. Games like Sins of a Solar Empire, A.I Wars, and Star Ruler 2. Not sure if it belongs under Real-Time Strategic Display.

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