Weekly eXchange #65 – Sad News Sucks

Join Rob and Nate as they discuss all the news and excitement of the 4X and strategy-game world! This week we talk about the Monday Modness series, Stellaris, Endless Space 2 . There’s  lot going on in the world of 4X and strategy and we’re here to tell you about it.

Music by MangaDrive for eXplorminate

Show Notes:

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  1. WeX #65 Notes
    Lots and lots of news this week. One of them sad.
    Today’s theme is Troy’s major debut role in the upcoming Hollywood motion picture, Invisible Man: Behind the Shadows

    0:00 – Intro, music by Mangadrive


    0:53 – Galactic Civilizations 3

    The Mercenaries expansion has been announced. Nate and Rob discuss the details on the new races and features in this upcoming DLC. They welcome it, but are on the fence about whether we actually needed this expansion at this point in time when the game still needs so many improvements to the base formula. The beta will start soon and Rob will be able to report on it soon. Go check it out.

    5:05 – Arcen Games

    Arcen Games announced this week that they are going through financial problems and are on the verge of facing the decision to fire the majority of the development team. This is sad news to Arcen Games and its very loyal fan community, but also the indie industry and insiders to see one of their own facing such dire times. Rob discuss this sad news in detail. Go listen to him and then check the official announcement (a very detailed one) in the Show Notes of this main article above.

    10:30 – Stellaris

    You know what that is. Another Stellaris Dev Diary. This time is #18 – Fleet Combat, which explains in detail, ermm… I think fleet combat. Nate sums up the announced mechanics. It’s Stellaris, folks. Always worth checking out! Go listen.

    News piece:
    As an insider of the Hollywood movie industry, due to a short career as a wide circulation newspaper film critic, I got a tip that our own Troy “TC” Costisick got the part of Doctor Griffin, the Invisible Man in the upcoming Invisible Man: Behind the Shadows blockbuster film. He’s already got the script and has been rehearsing. Principal Photography is scheduled for late March. I’ll try to cover the whole thing.

    14:58 – Star Drive 2

    There’s a new video for Sector Drive 2 and this update is approaching release time. The most notable feature perhaps is the introduction of hexes in the game main map. Rob discusses it as both him and Nate try to make sense of the scarce information given by DiCicco video.

    17:21 – Dominus Galaxia

    Rob gets into detail about this upcoming new title that is discussed here on eXplorminate for the first time. He’s saying good things about it. Go listen to him. The game is approaching its Kickstarter Campaign.

    News piece:
    We can also listen to Troy thoughts on the game and how much he enjoys it. He’s very excited and talks at length about the development process. But although we can listen to it, we cannot really hear anything. Troy’s approach to acting is like Daniel Day-Lewis’. He’s always in character, even outside rehearsal as a way to really get into the character. And, in Behind the Shadows, Troy plays an invisible-mute Invisible Man.

    18:58 – Warhammer 40k Battlefleet Gothic

    There’s a new video trailer. Nate calls it amazing. He discusses the way this game pre-order system that is actually very cool and Rob joins in complete agreement. The trailer meanwhile shows actual gameplay footage, which you will have trouble believing. It’s simply incredible the cinematic experience this game is promising everyone. I’m getting ASMR goosebumps. Listen to our hosts and then go check the video.

    News piece:
    All of this helps explain why we only rarely see or hear Troy, btw. He’s shooting an invisible man movie. You cannot really see Troy on this Warhammer 40 trailer video. But he is there. If you look closely enough you can almost see what I haven’t just seen.

    21:01 – Auralax Constellations

    It’s an upcoming RTS waiting to be greenlight on Steam that Rob strongly advises us to check out. There’s a free PC demo available at their main website (check this article show notes). If you like it, go vote for it. And if you don’t like it, but you feel its a game that has all the technical requirements deserving of being a product for sale, go vote for it too. Rob has already tried it and he likes it.

    22:09 – Ashes of Singularity

    AoS is also on GOG now, its newly created Games In Development program that works similarly to Steam Early Access. So this is good news. Ashes of Singularity extends its offering options and enters the market of DRM-free titles. Rob announces it to us and discusses also a bit about the game factions.

    News piece:
    Invisible Man: Behind the Shadows will have DRM. The blue-ray release is expected 6 months after the wide theater release. The price hasn’t been announced yet, but I already know it will come with silent commentary from Troy himself. The good thing though is that if you remove your HDCP-ready DVI interface from your TV set, effectively making it invisible (use a screwdriver and pluck it out), you can enjoy the film without DRM.

    23:37 – Europa Universalis IV

    Nate sums up very nicely the new free update. There’s plenty of good stuff in it that improves the gameplay considerably and provides strategic enhancements that will give the player more control over how to plan their strategy and better adapt to changing conditions. Check him out.

    25:41 – Crusader Kings II

    Has a new expansion, dubbed Conclave. It include improvements to the impact of children in the game, makes some changes to the combat and diplomatic system and limits the ability of a ruler to change Realm Laws by giving the council power to vote for them (and you with the ability to sway the council). Overall, the expansion introduces changes that deepens the intrigue mechanics of the game. Cool stuff! Check Nate’s summary.

    The Conclave:

    27:35 – New modder series at eXplorminate

    Nate eXplains in detail the new series at eXplorminate. Mod eXposition is an 8 article series on modds, modders and their work. Nate really put in a lot of thinking into how to approach this series and the result is there to see. The first article is already up and OhMyGod!, what an amazing article it is! You must check it out on the link in the show notes above. Listen to Nate explanation and then go read it. It’s top quality work.

    News piece:
    We won’t be seeing Troy on this series. In fact we won’t be seeing Troy at all.

    29:35 – Ceres

    Nate wants us to play Ceres. There’s new updates and the game is being under constant improvement. There was a recent writeup here on eXplorminate about it, which you can check on the show notes above. Nate urges us to check out this game and he is very appreciative of all the hard work the developer has been putting on it. Listen to his advise.

    News piece:
    Little known fact. The Ceres article at eXplorminate wasn’t written by Troy because he was auditing for the part of Invisible Man at the time. One of the most poignant scenes in the movie is when the Invisible Man tries to write a letter to his wife, but all pens he touches produce invisible ink. He suddenly bursts out in tears and we can really feel the pain going on in his heart. His wife character is played by Angelina Jolie before the operation (there’s some time traveling in the movie. Don’t want to spoil it for you). She dumps him for Ant-Man when she doesn’t receive letters from him. In the end of the Movie the Invisible Man is actually happy because he knows Ant-Man will never be able to satisfy her. The movie ends well.

    30:45 – What Are you Playing

    As we are approaching the end of this week weX, we get to the usual “What Are You Playing” column. Nate has been playing the Long War mod in preparation for XCOM 2. Also Massive Chalice and Endless Legend (of course!). Rob’s been on Ashes of Singularity and Polaris Sector (he’s been doing this cool Let’s Play series on eXplorminate YouTube channel). Rob talks a lot about the game, so don’t dismiss this section. Listen to it. He really loves Polaris Sector.

    36:20 – Thank you note to Patrons

    Nate thanks all the recent and past patrons for their monetary support. Their help is really appreciated by the whole staff, but let me tell you on a personal note, also by the community. Patrons help insure the continuity of the fantastic work the staff has been doing and helps perpetuate eXplorminate presence on the web. As a group of 4x enthusiasts, they have been providing us with top quality news and games coverage, completely ad-free and completely free of the unfortunate nasty influence that professional journalism has been having on journalistic integrity.

    Bless you patrons. I’ll do my best to join your numbers.

    News piece:
    Troy’s been donating thousands of dollars. But no one can find the money.

    38:18 – Bye

    Until next week!
    Do not feel tempted to fall into temptation.
    The sun is shinning and I’m going to the beach. Ahah! Take that you Northern Hemisphere suckers!

    33:00 – The End. Music by Mangadrive

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