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Weekly eXchange #64 – Allayi? Alright!

Join Rob and Nate as they discuss all the news and excitement of the 4X and strategy-game world!

Music by Mangadrive for eXplorminate!

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  1. WeX #64 Notes
    Today’s theme is Nate turning to crime. Right as Rob accepts his new job as a police officer, or sargent, or police general. It’s hard to know. Learn all about Nate criminal activities, including Endless Talk, Abduction, Perjury and Wanton Violence.

    0:00 – Intro, music by Mangadrive


    0:53 – Endless Legend

    This past week Amplitude celebrated their Endless Day anniversary and announced a new expansion for Endless Legend. Rob and Nate talk all about this amazing new DLC that promises to bring in new mechanics to Winter in Endless Legend and introduce a cool (Haha!) new winter-themed faction.

    Endless Legend on Steam:
    Amplitude Endless Day Recap:
    Announcement on eXplorminate:

    5:08 – Endless Space 2

    During the Endless Day celebrations, Amplitude has also shown new art for the upcoming Endless Space 2 game, along with a newly release wiki page for the game. Nate is all over it. It’s his most anticipated game of the year and will tell you all about it.

    Really. All of it. So don’t ask. Unless you really want to know and are bound to a chair and can’t escape.

    Endless Space 2 on Steam:
    Endless Space 2 Wiki:
    Amplitude Endless Day Recap:

    7:30 – Stellaris

    You know. Another Stellaris Dev Diary, the Ship Designer, which goes into a lot of detail about ship customizations as it is being planned for Stellaris. It’s awesome stuff. Nate sums it up for us and both him and Rob have a few things to say about Crusader Kings II, Europa Universalis IV and Endless Space. But why? Well, you have to listen yourself.

    Nate violent nature is revealed here, with his distaste for escape mechanisms. He wants to kill everyone and then he makes the most threatening sound you will ever hear in your life. Must listen!

    Dev Diary #17 – Ship Designer
    List of Developer Diaries:

    11:52 – Polaris Sector

    Polaris Sector is now on Steam and it’s on beta 7. Rob talks about it and he is very excited about the game. There’s also an LP series at eXplorminate YouTube channel. So go check it out after listening to Rob praising the game. Nate joins in and there’s a lot to be heard about this game. Check it out!

    Beta Test program:
    eXplorminate Let’s Play Polaris Sector Beta 7B:

    17:16 – Shallow Space

    Shallow Space is on its 8th update. Nate likes what he’s seeing and discusses it in some detail. Rob is also excited about this upcoming title that is already on sale at Steam for a very low price.

    Again we get a glimpse at Nate criminal activities, as he first openly admits he was making gestures and then he flatly denies he was making gestures. It’s all in the court imagination and he is in fact a good and decent person.

    Shallow Space on Steam:
    Update 8:

    20:53 – Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak

    The new Homeworld is out and eXplorminate has a review for very soon. Rob thinks the game is fantastic and strongly advises it. Check it out as he also gives you two warnings you may want to listen before running for the Buy button.

    Deserts of Kharak on Steam:

    22:46 – XCOM 2

    A must listen. Nate goes through a fun and quick glance of the history of XCOM 2 development moving between Firaxis and Long War Studios as he reveals his passion and eager anticipation for this game.

    Unfortunately there’s also a lot of exploding heads and apparently the same heads exploding multiple times, maybe because he is patching them before exploding them again. It’s sad to see a person losing it to crime like this. But it’s the people he hangs out with, you know…

    Long War Studios:

    26:08 – Darkest Dungeon

    Is out and has been just recently reviewed here at eXplorminate. Oliver checked it out for us and he has great things to say about it. Go check his review as soon as you listen to this.

    Darkest Dungeon on Steam:
    eXplorminate Review:

    27:18 – New mod series

    Nate explains the new mod series at eXplorminate website that is about to debut and tells us how he came up with the idea and the people he contacted to get it started. It’s exciting news for the eXplorminate community as new and great content is about to be revealed to us all. From mod reviews to mod news and even tutorials. eXplorminate keeps on growing. Listen to it!

    30:23 – What Have You Been Playing?

    As this weX approaches its end, we get to our usual WHYBEEP section. Nate has been on Armello, XCOM Long War and Endless Legend. Rob’s been on Offworld Trading Company, Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak and Darkest Dungeon. And there is this secret 4x game we have to wait for him to reveal.

    – WHY have they been playing these games?
    – BEEP!

    XCOM Long War mod:
    Endless Legend:
    Offworld Trading Company:
    Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak:
    See above
    Darkest Dungeon:
    See above

    32:44 – Bye, ios Ad, Sonar ara, arrive and derchi, off wider stern

    Until next week!
    And always remember you may not always remember what you were going to say.
    I bow low to you.

    33:00 – The End. Music by Mangadrive

    Support eXplorminate:

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    • This is something I haven’t considered before. I’m really glad it is useful also in that regard, zeraan. I’ll make sure to include additional info starting with the next weX, so deaf elements of our community have a proper summary of each discussion.

      I’ve also been considering doing a similar thing to these notes to the interview podcasts, as they happen here on the eXplorminate website. So hang on tight as I work my schedule. Soon enough you’ll have an additional treat :)

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