Galactic Civilizations 3: Mercenaries Announced!


Today, Stardock has announced the eXpansion pack to Galactic Civilizations 3:

Plymouth, MI. – January 27, 2016 – Today, Stardock announced that the first expansion to its popular 4X space strategy game Galactic Civilizations III is in development and will launch next month. Galactic Civilizations III: Mercenaries will add an all-new campaign, Galactic Bazaars, new races, and the ability to recruit elite units with special abilities and more.

In Mercenaries, players will be able to visit new Intergalactic Bazaars, where they can hire mercenaries to assist in expanding across the galaxy. With over 70 unique mercenary ships and multiple Bazaars to discover on each map, Galactic Civilizations III: Mercenaries offers hours of unique gameplay.

“Each mercenary sets their own hiring price in terms of money and resource,” said Paul Boyer, Lead Designer of Galactic Civilizations III. “Because there are a finite number of mercenaries, each civilization is competing for their services. When one is hired by one civilization, it is no longer available to the others.”

Galactic Civilizations III: Mercenaries also includes two new factions: the Arceans and the Torians. The Arceans are an ancient and honorable civilization of warriors and the Torians are an aquatic species seeking to escape the slavery of the Drengin. Both races come with new traits, abilities, and tech trees. The Torians are also the subject of a new campaign available within the expansion.

The campaign for Galactic Civilizations III: Mercenaries centers on the peaceful Torian race who have long been enslaved and farmed for their meat by the cruel Drengin. To free the Torians, players will need to explore and discover mercenaries, then hire them to aid in escaping from their oppressors. Players will strive to liberate the Torians and help them rebuild their shattered civilization while staying out of reach of the Drengin.

Along with the Mercenaries expansion, Stardock is releasing the v1.6 update to the base game, which is a free update for all Galactic Civilizations III game owners. Improvements include more detailed match results, AI improvements, visual updates and balance improvements.

Galactic Civilizations III: Mercenaries release on February 18, 2016 and will cost $19.99.

For more information about Galactic Civilizations III and its current updates and DLC, please visit

Fact sheet information:

The human race is fighting a desperate war against the remorseless Drengin Empire. Both sides have become increasingly desperate, leading them to turn to the galactic underworld and their elite mercenaries.


• New Campaign
Hire mercenaries and lead the Torians to freedom from their Drengin oppressors.
• Visit the Galactic Bazaar and hire mercenaries to
do your bidding.
• New Factions
Play as the Arceans, an ancient race of warriors, or as and long-time enemy of the Drengin Empire, or as the Torians, an aquatic species who are trying to escape Drengin enslavement.
• 1.6 update (free to owners of the game)
Includes more detailed match results and the new Stardock game launcher.
• Mercenaries graphics engine with newly supported effects (requires DX11).
• More than 70 new ships and dozens of new ships parts
for customization.
• New abilities, new tech trees, new music, and more!


7 thoughts on “Galactic Civilizations 3: Mercenaries Announced!

  1. “Because there are a finite number of mercenaries, each civilization is competing for their services. When one is hired by one civilization, it is no longer available to the others.”
    Good, I disliked how in Endless Legend you could have multiple copies of the same hero. I feel it cheapened them.

    “Galactic Civilizations III: Mercenaries also includes two new factions: the Arceans and the Torians.”
    Not exactly new, more like returning. But it’s good to see them again.

    Can’t wait for it to enter beta.


  2. Hummm… weren’t they still trying to deal with the original game many issues? Isn’t this expansion a little premature? It’s not exactly that they currently have a well balanced and enjoyable game, according to many critics and, I think, a sizable portion of the gamer base. Where’s the selling point that could make people flock to this expansion?


  3. Wow, a feature that Endless Legend and Endless Space had from the get-go? Not to mention Moo2 (as someone said above)? All this while the piss-poor combat, laughable invasion system and blah diplomacy still languish in the gutter. Only Stardock can take mediocrity and pass it off as wonderful and people actually spend money on it.


  4. I just pulled out Gal Civ 2 Ultimate and I started playing it for the first time… (after spending quote a few months on 3). Anyway, I actually think 2 is a more complete game… Yeah, the interface is ugly, but its pretty neat. 3 should have had much more innovative features….

    Now I understand all of the talk about how Gal Civ 3 played it safe….


  5. GC2 had a lot of iterations to the code base and user feedback. It was a mature game. GC3 is more like an infant, starting new and explorminate’s interview with Brad highlighted some useful information for my data collection on that matter. It’s always good to see what the view looks from the top, at the strategic or logistical level, in order to predict what game designers will do and how it is received.

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