Strategic eXpanse #24: GalaCollider Interview

Join Nate and Troy as they speak with Sebastian and Trevor, two of the developers behind GalaCollidera new 4X game with a card based gameplay. They talk all about the game lore, its mechanics and discuss the multiplayer gameplay of this unique title!

Check out their site here:


9 thoughts on “Strategic eXpanse #24: GalaCollider Interview

  1. Nice interview. Thank you guys!

    Some comments:

    1. Is it Gala Collider or GalaCollider? Seriously, we need to get this right :) The website front page says one thing, the rest and everyone else is saying another.

    2. Got a vibe that single-player is a secondary concern, that may or may not be developed. I sure hope I’m wrong. I just didn’t get the loving feeling of a couple of developers talking passionately about SP.

    3. The idea of cards being played to spawn 3d models I think was first introduced in Etherlords. A fantastic game, btw. This was a dueling game though, so definitely the way NeoCrux is approaching it is a completely new take on card games on the computer.

    4. The backstory is really interesting and is a fresh take on alien civilizations all sharing a common ancestry. It is also very elegantly solves the old problem of why alien civilizations would have humanoid features.

    5. Troy question about the business model was an important one. And the answer just completely stopped my interest in the game. It is unfortunate that card-based games always seem to want to go the continued revenue route. One day we may have a card-based game that just plays by the traditional release model in the market, without wanting to create a market for itself. But Gala Collider doesn’t seem to be that game. I thank Sebastian for being upfront about it, but it is clear to me, when I start hearing stuff like booster and starter packs, where this is going. And this also helps explain why it is so important Gala Collider becomes first and foremost a multiplayer game. It is that game mode that will help feed a DLC-based booster pack or a true collectible card game markets.

    True fans of the card genre and those capable of sustaining the usually high cost associated with these games will be pleased with Gala Collider. Everything else that is discussed in the interview seems very interesting. Best of luck to the team with the Kickstarter campaign.

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    1. Hey Mario, thanks for the feedback! This is Connor from NeoCrux.

      Seb’s currently streaming so until he gets back so I’ll try to give a different perspective on the monetization strategy.

      This has been one of our most talked about subjects internally and it’s something that we really want to get right. Our goals are to ensure that the player does not feel required to purchase cards in order to win as well as making sure there are enough players playing the game for short matchmaking and a large community.

      There’s two primary payment models that we have discussed, like Seb talked about. XCG (Expandable Card Game) and CCG (Collectible Card Game).

      XCG is probably more attractive to a traditional 4X player like you. You can play the game F2P with a sample deck as a “demo” per say but in order to get the main experience you would want to pay an upfront cost for the “core set”. This core set has enough cards in order to build a deck or two and start learning the game. As the weeks (or months) go on we will release expansion packs. Think of them like more frequent Civilization expansions. Each of these themed expansions would have an upfront cost associated where you would automatically get all the cards in that expansion, there would be no RNG, you know exactly what you’re paying for.

      CCG is what Hearthstone and other more traditional digital card games are. The first thing being is Free to Play. Being a F2P player you are given the opportunity to grind for card packs by completing in-game challenges and leveling up your profile. You can also pay a small amount of money (aiming for at or below Hearthstone’s price point) to purchase a card pack. These card packs are RNG based, meaning you won’t know for sure what you will get but you will also have the opportunity to earn rare items as well use repeat cards to craft specific cards that you want.

      Ultimately we could have pre-determined packs, random card packs or both! Our payment model will rely heavily on our funding methods. Whether that is through investors, publishers, or being self-funded through our community (you guys!).

      But, no matter how we are funded, our morals will not be compromised and we promise to ensure a fair experience. We want everyone to have an opportunity to succeed in GalaCollider!

      Let me know if you have any questions or hit us up on Twitter if you want to talk!

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      1. Hello Connor. Thanks for the detailed explanation. That was fantastic of you.

        You surely helped me look more positively at the whole thing. I suppose you can guess XCG would be the method I prefer you ended up choosing, hehe. But let’s be clear, I can fully understand the need to come up with a method that satisfies your customers but also your investors and your own aspirations as a sustainable business. That balancing act is hard in the current economy. Heck, in these days it’s more like juggling, than balancing. So by no means, your choice will reflect poorly on you guys as long as you end up with something that is fair for everyone. Which you said is your primary concern.

        Best of luck with Gala Collider and tell those investors I said hi. ;)


    2. Hi Mario! Thanks for the in-depth feedback, I really appreciate hearing your feedback, positive or negative. Regarding the single player mode, the game will live or die based on the quality of the game at higher levels of play, which means person vs. person.

      Right now we have a limited budget so we have to tackle things in order. First we need the VS game to be strong and then the next step is building puzzles vs. the AI – first to teach you, then to challenge you. These puzzles are currently in progress and nearing completion.

      Once the puzzles are done, the next step is we want to have the AI working well in a solo or coop scenario, so either a raid or survival type mission. These will have the AI piloting forces either to attack you or in an attempt to thwart you.

      The next step is an AI that simulates a player, just like you and can slot in to fill for empty slots. This is what we are calling the 3rd stage for our AI.

      The 4th stage is tying this all together into more of a campaign, with various SP missions you can do. Some might be for when you start playing, others might be connected to the story and where things are right now in our co-developed novel.

      We absolutely know that 4X players expect a great AI opponent and a solomode of play, so we are working on it, and we will get there. The game is still in Alpha right now and we absolutely plan for a SP mode, we just have to travel down the road to get there and yes, for the time being it is more of a VS or multiplayer game. If our game is successful; which ultimately means that you the players love it and want it to become more and more over time, an excellent SP campaign is inevitable and absolutely planned for.

      I hope this clarifies!

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      1. Hey Sebastian. Thanks for the reply. That was great. My heart always beats for those developers willing to interact with their communities.

        Your explanation completely clarified my nagging doubt. I can now fully realize why you are approaching the SP mode of the game in this manner and can relate to that need to stage the whole development process of the SP mode. I feel more confident on a strong the SP mode now.

        And what great news it was when you mentioned a future SP campaign! I don’t recall you mentioning it on the interview (but probably I missed it). But that would be great.

        Card-based games are very bandwidth-fiendly when it comes to multiplayer. So, from my present location (with a terrible internet infrastructure) I can still take advantage of your MP mode. But I’m first and foremost a SPer. So you made me feel much more confident about Gala Collider.

        Now, for pete’s sake, is it Gala Collider or GalaCollider? :)



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